12 times Muhammad Ali showed us why he is and always will be the Greatest Of All Time


Being a champion is not just about winning matches. It is the mindset, the fearless attitude, the total and utter conviction that you are indeed a champion and Muhammad Ali showed us just what his mettle was made of time after time.

I, for one, have never been a fan of boxing as a sport. Fans tell me that it isn’t about the punches, but the strategy, the ability to think fast on your feet, and outstanding physical fitness. I see two men punching the lights out of each other.

Ali, however, was more than a boxer. His impact on sport, society, the young, the old, and everybody in between is undeniable. More than that though, was his irrefutable confidence in who he was. I am proud to have been alive at a time when great men like him, Mandela and Fela walked this earth.

Today, we remember the Greatest Of All Time. The champion who ruled long after he hung up his gloves. #RIPChamp. You will be missed.


1. The self-belief.


2. Possibly his most famous quote of all time.


3. Such self-confidence is staggering. And the world parted to make room for it and him.


4. His view on maturity and wisdom.


5. The greatness is in the pain.


6. Winning through the pain. A champion moulded out of hurt.


7. The belief that separated Muhammad Ali from every other fighter. 


8. More than a boxing legend, Ali was a socio-political animal. 


9. The freedom in knowing that you do not have to play by anybody else’s rules because you have worked yourself to the stage of making your own rules.


10. He slept it, dreamt it, worked it, trained it, LIVED IT.


11. When your philosophy on life is simply the truth. 


12. And the glory at the end of it all. 

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