14 Pictures Nigerians don’t wanna see right now


In this same tomato-terse moment in Nigeria, when our dear Jollof Rice has turned to ‘Jelloff‘ for dearth of tomatoes, some people somewhere in Spain reveled in its pool 2 days ago in the name of La Tomatina, a Tomato throwing festival.

These below are 14 pictures from that event, (some from past events), and I’m sure most Nigerians won’t look at them at laugh…

Congratulations to the people of Bunol in Spain for another successful La Tomatina, but, I mean, one bulb of tomato is presently costlier than a litre of fuel in Naija, and on behalf of my people, I ask, “Obodo Bunol people, bia, kosidarin this festival wey una do so, wee you make Heaven like this?”

These ones are even posing for groupie inside am…chai!

This one be like, “Sorry Naija, you own spoil, nor consaain me…Hala!”


Amadioha, can you see? …. just negodu na


See this pseudo-Bieber lay like idun (queen bee) on a huge mass of 500 NAIRA notes!…Jehova!


…that moment when you just feel like invoking thunder….but, for Jesus…


kontinew….Diariz God in everything we ha dooyin..Don’t they watch NTA news or read Alaroye newspaper ni??…*hot tear*


just caption this!


..if wishes were horses…this will be Ugborikoko market, or Kuto market, or Wuse market for Abuja or Mile 12 for Lagos…beht, wishes? horses? oH nO!


…ehnnn, e je sori bi t’Ede…chop it for head like Cray fish na…*hiss*


…oya please, can you do tomato-aid to Naija, my Bunol people…we are not shako-ing again


…so much so tey dem even do Diego and Paloma, Kamoru and Sufiya inside…chai! Naija don sufa…What efontiri!!!


see this boda agbaya sef dey do him own tomato festival on another’s chest….all for tomato kwanu….oh! sorry, he’s epping her..eheehn, okay.


…and yeah, they got some time for tomato orgy….no way! No hevun for these ones! loooool

..and these dadi and momi be like,…”see ya life outside Naija, hahaha, you want Jollof? ehn, go buy tin-tomato na! 

Well, me I ask again, can they make heaven????


NOTE: La Tomatina is the world’s largest food fight and has been on for 71 years .


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