15 Times Nigerians Were Chill-Deficient On Diezani’s £13Bn Issue

Diezani's sickbed picture that went viral some weeks was reportedly photoshopped

One thing about Nigerians is that they have bad mouth. And you don’t want to fall into their bad mouth. By the time they’ve finished with you, you’ll be wondering who sent you message in the first place.

So, when someone uses their last mobile data to read that Diezani may or may not have stolen £13 billion, the bad belle comes out in force.

Below are some of the best things we’ve seen on the internet regarding our former oil minister’s detention and alleged theft.

Kai, remainder small like dis, we for sorry for am, but…

She will win the case or what do you think?


Judge Jazzy will be able to buy all the plantain farms in the world and still have change sef


You wanna fight me?? I am a baroness!


That moment when you’re richer than Lucifer. Issorai


Thank God for computers cos there’s not enough space on a calculator. Maybe if one sellotapes two calculators together sha…


Can pain!!!


Tyres are all the rage now.


When you and your homies find out you were selected to go search Diezani’s house


With curve tho’?? See evuls!


Wizkid have suffer!




If it even ended there, it would have been good. But Naija Twitterati? Nuisances, all of them!


This was in response to Mayweather showing off as usual. He needs to know not to chat nonsense anymore. We now have the real MVP.

Diddy? Bad Boy 4 Lyfe? Ogbeni lean back jare.

It’s very painful to be honest.

Ees question we are asking o. Just simple question.

BollyLomo is a pant.

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