Chiwetel Ejiofor Goes Back to Black and the Court of Social Media Approves


I vaguely remember all the wahala way back when it was revealed that Chiwetel Ejiofor was dating Canadian beauty Sara Mercer. It didn’t bother me too much because aproko was only a hobby at the time, not a full time job. But even then I remember thing “Why are people so fussed about this?”

©Richard Young/REX Shuttershock|Chiwetel Ejiofor and ex Sara Mercer. I was only mad at her dress sense.

Now it seems that the furore at the time was nothing compared to the latest news that he is now ‘back within the fold’ and dating a black girl.

I’m seriously confused though: why does this matter so much? Why are people all up in Chiwetel’s boxer shorts? Does it make him less black? Will it change his name from Chiwetel to Charles (considering he had a chance to do ‘white-wash’ and pick an easier name to pronounce before going into Hollywood)? Do you think if he sees a bowl of oha soup, he will run screaming for the hills?

Is it not more likely that he will date a woman who is more on his wavelength, who will make him laugh, inspire him, excite him sexually, and improve him as a man?

©Blayzen Photos/Splash News|The new girl, the one we ‘prefer’

I know the next comment will be “Ehn, couldn’t he find someone like that among all the Black women in that America?!” Yes, he probably could. Just like you could have found someone richer, kinder, taller, more gorgeous than the mean, broke ogre you’re messing with. Yet here we are. That’s just kind of how life goes – you meet someone, you see if they fit into the majority of your needs, then you bump uglies with them.

Chiwetel does not ‘owe’ us a black partner any more than you owe anybody over your choice of partner. And if you were bullied into marrying to suit a parent, community or society, then that is your cross to carry, I’m afraid.

Because once you start attempting to pay an unquantifiable debt, you will always owe. I’m still here waiting for the Court of Social Media to come out and rule her not dark enough. Then not African enough. Then not Nigerian enough. Then not Igbo enough. Then not from the same village. Hian.

Do you, Mr Ejiofor. Do you.


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