4 ways Naija guys ruin their chances with ladies online


Social media has opened up new avenues for relationships and romance and Naija men from all over the world are taking full advantage of this. They want to slide into DMs of desirable ladies, chatting, and wooing them; in some cases even ending up tying the knot! But not every approach leads to a “happily ever after” and in fact, quite a few of them are dead on arrival. We are Viva Naija so you know we got a list for you, right? Here are 4 ways Naija guys ruin their chances with ladies online:

1) Slide into her DM with a “Xup” and an “I”

Wow! Barely there English! That’s a sure fire way to get the ladies all hot, wet and bothered right?

You see the fact that you cannot be bothered to articulate yourself properly when addressing a lady is NOT going to win you any favours or an ounce of attention. Really would it kill you to NOT drop the “H: in “Hi” and to actually say “Hello. How are you doing?” rather than “Xup?”

‘Xup?” What does that even mean? Christ is up and you should too?

Anyway moving on

2) Slide into her DM with a dick pic

Oh yes the dick picture. Now look bro we know that you are very proud of your phallus (all 3 magnificent inches of it) but would you consider refraining from sending pictures of it to a lady unless she asks for it? Sending her a picture of your penis isn’t going to have her tearing your roof open to get her some. Nope you might end up slapped with a sexual harassment charge. It will also earn you a block and maybe even a nasty burn such as:

Chai Chisos!!!!

3) Slide into her DM and start dictating to her what she can and cannot post

Some Naija guys in a bid to cover up their shyness and insecurities, resort to adopting an aggressive front and harassing ladies they find attractive in their inboxes with messages like:

” What was that nonsense you posted?! Take it down this instant!”
“I don’t normally say anything on your posts but what you wrote there was rubbish! Take it down!”

They do this in a back handed way to elicit a conversation with the lady which they believe (for some reason) will lead to her respecting them and wanting them. It does not werk. It does not werk AT ALL!! and you will most likely end up being tossed out of that lady’s space like:


4) Slide into DMs and start asking for nude pictures:

Oga, I know she is hot and the konji is real but you will make NO progress (none at all) jumping into a lady’s inbox with request for nudes and what not.  Don’t do it dude, you will ruin your chances and you might even end up the laughing stock of the internet. Just ask this guy:

He wasn’t ready!

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? What other ways can Naija guys ruin their chances with ladies online? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we are asking you guys to be gentlemen and respek yourselves! 🙂

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