5 ways to deal with a cyber stalker on social media


Cyber stalking might seem like something out of some sci-fi fiction novel but it is very real and much more common place than most people think. The explosion of technology and social media has not only opened new avenues for people to legitimately connect and do business but also for stalkers to continue their perverse activities. These stalkers may show up as followers on your social media account, like all your pictures, and make all kinds of lewd, untoward and threatening comments on your posts and in your inbox.

Being stalked is by no means fun and is a source of great distress to the victim. Are you being cyber stalked? Well we are Viva Naija and here are 5 ways to deal with a cyber stalker on social media

1) Report to Local authorities

Cyber Stalking should NOT be tolerated and should be immediately reported to the local law enforcement. All information about the stalker available should be provided to the authorities. For example, if the stalker is commenting on your blog, the I.P. Address can be used by law enforcement to find and stop the stalker. Social media account names and display pictures should also be provided if available

2)      Block the stalker

In addition to reporting the stalker, blocking the person from all your social media accounts is an important step. Stalkers often have the impression that they are in some sort of relationship with you and this sends a clear message to them. Some stalkers will still go on to create dummy accounts in order to keep stalking you so be sure to check out the profiles of those you send you friend requests (if any) and avoid adding anyone who has only recently joined that social media platform and or you do not know personally

3)      Set social media profiles to private

Setting your social media profile to private will also keep any stalkers from accessing information from your page. So go into the settings and make your profiles visible only to your network

4)      Keep personal information confidential

Keep your personal information confidential. Don’t disclose your location, address, number and place of work on social media. Doing this will keep the stalker in the dark and will likely ward off further prying

5)      Do not tag others in your photos

Do not tag others in your photos. Friends of your friends will be able to see the photos and this gives stalkers a loophole to again have access to you

Cyber stalking is a crime and should not be allowed to blossom. Are there any other ways to ward off cyber stalkers? Tell us about it in the comments below. We are Viva Naija and we love you and wish you safety

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