All these Lekki Joggers sef


Keeping fit is very important and I encourage it a lot. There are so many things that change the body after a while including age, child birth, feeding habits etc.

For the wealthy people who live in highbrow areas, you sort of sense that wealth appears to have come at a price which is physical fitness. While this is not the case for everybody, it is a general assumption that holds valid. So, am I saying it is good to be pako? No way abeg, let me feed well and worry about the gym.
The problem is with uninformed fitness training that a lot of people engage in. First, there is a serious misconception that it needs to be done outside or in a gym for it to be effective. I know for a fact that is not true. You can have your sessions anywhere in your private space. I love what online support groups do but sometimes the information being shared isn’t regulated to point towards the reality, end result? Everybody trying something because it worked for one person forgetting the differences in body types, status and other conditions.

A large percentage of women wear gym appropriate gear for road work forgetting one key thing. Gym gear is indoor wear, road work is not an indoor activity so while the effort is saluted, it is still not appropriate from any angle of view. The body of a woman is sacred from where I stand and does not deserve to be exposed in that manner. You cannot have “Micheline” folds and wear something that will leave your tummy and those stretch marks exposed to the whole world as you literally bounce along. Even the jogging sef, for most people it plays just a little more than the role of a warm up session. Our problem is that we too know book. We keep calculating calories burnt, steps walked, distance covered etc
.do we really calculate what goes into our system? It is not rocket science, if you keep fuelling the source of the weight, your work out will not be effective. Eat veggies no mean say make only you chop one bowl of greens.

A proper workout starts with acquiring knowledge or getting someone to help, it is unfair to keep pushing without an improvement
.this has often led to crushed hopes. You can run on the spot for 30 mins and achieve full warm up status then proceed to exercises that don’t need any equipment such as crunches, push ups etc depending on what you intend to achieve which is another thing most people don’t do. You have to know what your goal is before you begin the workout so get yourself a plan.

jogging-woman-again (All these Lekki Joggers sef)

I told somebody this for years, all you need to achieve fitness is discipline but then that’s the thing about discipline, it is easier said than achieved but hey, no guts no glory.

To get yourself in that state of mind where you don’t mind going out on the road is very good, now let’s make all that energy count. If you feel you are unable to hit the gym or the road because you cannot dress the part then you will find this really helpful. Your husband (who probably is the chief complainant) can play a part in helping you stay on course. If you are lucky, he can even be your makeshift fitness coach. What do you think it will do to the mind-set of your children seeing the daddy help mummy get fit? Positive magic I tell you.

Don’t copy any yeye trend abeg, draw your own fitness plan that works for you and stick to it, some of those babes are probably looking for connect sef (oh you don’t know that’s the new way to showcase “talent”? siddon there dey carry last). You wey be orobo, your houseboys wey you beat yesterday dey wait you for gate to laugh. I know it’s their wahala but there’s nothing wrong in upgrading things to work for you. Operation size 8 ba? Let’s go 1,2 – 1,2
(errm abeg, be sure of what specs oga likes before you start working out o, ehen make “talent” no go vanish in the name of chasing size 8, you are on your own o)

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