A tribute to my grandfather



Right in your warm embrace
I wrecked mama’s heavy meal
I gulped from your palm wine tank
In readiness for the Ijapa travels.

You rained blessings on me
before the farm path registered your feet.
You bought me cloths of many colours;
sandals of finest ropes.

You tamed the weirdest of demons
And paralysed the mountain of problems.
You lit up the fading stars
and breathed life into hopelessness. 

You stood up for me when I was down
You gave all your shillings and all your pounds
You provided words to guide the future
you taught me never to go hunting without the sword. 

That night the educated herbalist confirmed your transition
Telling us baba had gone for eternal rest
Tears consoled tears, grief calmed grief
believing one day we shall meet at the feet of our Olodumare

(For grandfather-My source of Inspiration).

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