African woman get money!


Poverty is a tool used by the devil, and patriarchy to hold women bound in Africa.

The devil needs to keep your poor, lacking and constantly in need so you will keep compromising and involving yourself in all sort of things to make money.

Patriarchy needs you to remain poor so that you will remain subjugated and subservient.

How else will an immoral, randy sadist get his daily fill of sadism if not by threatening young girls with failed job interviews if they don’t accept his sexual advances?

How else with those rapists professionals take advantage of you if not by making tall promises to ensnare you, and having enough money to pass as “respectable members of the society.”

Poverty is sexist.

How else does a victim of domestic violence stay with her victim of not because most times, she is financially handicapped.

How else does a little girl become a sex slave in a home she was sent to be a maid?

How else will you be not pliable if its not by depending on the opposite sex for your every need?

Why is a widow ten times more likely to suffer than a widower?

A single mother ten times more disadvantaged than a single father?

What else will make women become highly exploitable commodities by prayer house leaders and fetish priests?

What else would make women run after stuff such as ‘control oil, money shell’ in a bid to attract men who will give them money if not poverty & lack?

How else will young single ladies become victims of lecherous married men if not because of money?

Even stingy opportunistic men who make tall promises still get free “cookies” because of what? Naira and Kobo.

Lack is an enemy, it is a disease, a demon sent from hell to keep women from aspiring and becoming who they were meant to be.

A woman who is financially strong may still be a victim but is more often a willing one.

If there’s any goal you should have in 2019 women, it is to have money; plenty of it.

A husband is a good thing but the presence or absence of money will go a long way to determining if you marry for love & companionship or plain survival.

This is why I can’t wait to own my manufacturing Company which will have at least 90% of its workers as women.

Because being dependent will never be to your own benefit.

Even if you have to stay at home or you’re still struggling to get on your feet, get an online business, join a network marketing, partner with someone and do drop shipping.

And while you’re at it, pray, pray hard that God will bless you with plenty money.

Because an African woman without money is a special kind of underprivileged.

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