Airtel Touching Lives Nigeria taking corporate social responsibilities to new heights


See me o! And the whole time, I thought the only thing telcos do was to take your recharge money and give you fair/nonexistent/patchy/excellent coverage. Come to find out that some of them actually take their CSRs seriously indeed, and Airtel seems to be leading the pack with their Airtel Touching Lives Nigeria initiative.

The day they’re not at primary schools, they’re working with the deaf, blind or disabled. Helping the most vulnerable members of the society is one of the most important ways of giving back and Airtel seems to be hitting it out of the park with their initiatives.

There’s this awesome TV show sponsored by Airtel Nigeria, Touching Lives. The third season of this show was announced in September 2016 and a number of beneficiaries of this social intervention have emerged. Listen, there are so many needy people in Nigeria. People who would willingly and wilfully turn their lives around if they were but given half a chance.

It comes as a pleasant surprise that Airtel is doing a lot more in charity and social development than one would have imagined. Maybe our data subscriptions are worthwhile after all. Sometimes, it’s just the knowledge that part of your spending is serving humanity in places you can not get to. Touching Lives shows the charity efforts by the organisation, and their desire to reach average Nigerians who have are needy and challenged.

Listen, every telco in Nigeria has its ‘special’ moments. Times when you want to throw your phone on the ground and beseech Sango to fire your network provider. But I think Airtel’s more stable than a few I could mention, and their internet data charges and service have won a lot of loyalty from Nigerians, and now it would seem Touching Lives may yet be another challenge from Airtel Nigeria to other competing brands.

In one episode of Touching Lives, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya led a team of Airtel executives to commission and hand-over a new 2-bedroom apartment to the Aina family, in Magboro, Ogun State.

The stories behind these nominations are even more thrilling. The Aina Family had been victims of an inferno where four of their children died and most of their property had been lost, these are ordinary Nigerians benefiting from this social initiative.

This is Azeez Rotimi, the street child from Airtel Touching Lives Nigeria. In fulfilment of the promise made to Azeez to support his education, he was presented with a scholarship worth N1million by Airtel Nigeria.

Airtel may be setting the pace for government and other corporate bodies. Fine, okay, maybe not government, but certainly corporate bodies. With this wave of humanitarian projects, Airtel has successfully disproved the assumption that corporations are just here to take from us. The reality TV show has also come to promote the culture of giving back and sacrificial living. When data subscriptions and airtime purchases make so much difference, maybe telecom companies are getting it right after all.

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