Ajimobi’s mess is making me ask, “What 4 things still gladden you about Nigeria now?”


I’d ask, “Father, why give me sane genes and then insert me into Nigeria? You didn’t remember there’d be conflict of interests? Baba God, why?

I was in trance few minutes ago. Why? See..

I just entered Ibadan, and on top of the bandwidth of news that have been gang-raping my thoughts in the past week, from “Sigh Baba’s” northernised integrity, to Eunice’s murder turned martyrdom, to the palpable poverty in the land, to the Fulani herdsmen Part II, to everything that sha screams “#NigerianLivesDONTmatter”, etcetera, etcetera, I then heard, that the Emperor Governor in Oyo state, Governor Ajimobi, truly demanded that public schools students MUST beg and apologise to him for protesting against the sale of their schools and also for abusing him in their protest; that the students must do this publicly before he reopens their schools that have since been shut for some weeks now. Due to this closure, some of these students who are in their graduating class have had to miss writing the NECO exams. But, no, their grave miss is less important than Booda Isiaka’s Nazi-te ego and moustache.

I couldn’t think about it…it rather sent me into a trance. I mused, apart from the many ways this nonsense could have been prevented by the state government, how could this happen in a country with a Grand Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic? Note the English well, “Grand” “Commander” “Federal” “Republic”…which means, even in the very worst case, the grand-ness obliges the leader of the Republic to ensure an anomaly like these students being out of school, doesn’t go so far that they’d miss writing an important exam, not even when an errant and arrant Governor of his has messed up and is more concerned about his ego.

How could? No, in fact, How can this happen? The schools are still shut.

You know when in a trance-like state, the truth most times stares at you in high definition 3D. So, while in there, I asked myself, “Sayo, in the midst of all these demonstration of craze from east to west and from Daura to south, what still makes you just happy in and about Nigeria? What is that thing that still gives you some inner peace and joy, that thing that doesn’t perturb your sanity so warily?

Walaitalai to be honest, I could only think of just 4 things in that instant:

■ My wife and her gap-toothed smile,
■ Paella Seafood rice and peppered chicken,
■ Fresh Shoprite bread, and,
■ Falz and his effortlessness.

I swear, I think, think, think, I couldn’t remember any other thing in that instant. I look up, no light, I look down, bad roads, I look front, Sigh Buhari, I look back, Yeekpa Jonathan.

So, I’d ask, “Father, why give me sane genes and then insert me into Nigeria? You didn’t remember there’d be conflict of interests? Baba God, why? I’d ask this when we SURELY get to Heaven, abi, aren’t we already in hell?

Before we forget, abeg, epp me; Amdist all the depressing things, what 4 things still make you unconditionally glad in and about Nigeria right now?…be real please, may be I’d pitch in and relate.

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  • The pure but bitter truth is that nigeria has expired! Everybody should go and answer their respective names and govern themselves the way their culture accomodates to avoid the inpending bloodbath that is coming sooner than expected! He that has ear and conscince let him hear!

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