“All General Overseers must go to prison!” – Pastor Tunde Bakare wants a revolution


In a time when Nigerians could probably fine a good defence for grave robbers, Tunde Bakare has called for a revolution. This one is not the kind of revolution that involves prayer meeting, fasting or washing by the river side. It’s clear that the men of God also know what the man on the street knows. There is a lot of robbery and injustice going on in Nigeria and Africa all in the name of “E je ka lo gbadura.” Pastors are not doing us any good! They are in cahoots with the corrupt leaders who have crippled our economies when it comes to sheer boldness and brainwashing!

Prayers have become even more expensive than health care, education and social amenities all combined. In a country where the average human lives below poverty line, we are still urged to go and put something in the “prayer bowl.”

Ko si oun t’o kere ju f’Olorun! Ko si oun t’o tobi ju naa! There is nothing too small or too big for God – bring what you can; bring ALL you can! All our substance can fit in that bottomless bag, that insatiable collection centre called “the house of God.”

Everyday, millions of Nigerians pledge allegiance to God and inadvertently to prayer houses, deliverance centres and any venue where all manner of evil that can be covered by “touch not my anointed” can be perpetuated.

Hallelujah! One of the anointed ones has finally joined the streetz! Pastor Tunde Bakare has stated in clear terms that his God does not provide for people’s need so they can go to contribute to the pockets of robbers! We all thought this was common knowledge but praaaaaaise Gahd! It seems that Prophet Balaam is starting to hear the voice of asses!

Chris Okotie macking out with his Rolls Royce. Somebody say LIKE A ROCK!

Truly all General Overseers need to be stripped of their wealth and affluence. They need to be locked up in the worst of circumstances. That way, they would come to face the everyday reality of most of their congregation. In one way or another, most of us in Nigeria and Africa are imprisoned by corrupt leaders, bad roads, tumbledown health centres, and religious jamboree.

Awon daddy wa! Bishop Oyedepo and his private jet. Jesus might have rode in on a donkey but imagine all the places He could have reached if he had a jet!

My personal opinion has always been that Nigeria is not serving the same God that the Europeans brought to us. This God is the kind that keeps taking from many to give to the few. He is never satisfied with the empty pockets people go home with. He wants you to put your Pastors on Forbes list, wants your Pastors to go on mission trips, but only those trips that involve jets and Dubai shopping.

Revolution must come!! Judgement must begin from inside the house of God! If any revolution will truly occur, it must start from these religious centres where each general overseer has the allegiance of over a million members. Can you imagine the kind of change that could be effected by a leader who leads just one million Nigerians? Oyedepo, Adeboye, Oritsejafor, Bakare and Kumuyi alone have the capacity to instruct millions of Nigerians on major issues concerning the nation but they will not.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo for the enemies dem! His God is not a poor God!!

Why is it that pensioners are never led by their Pastors to protest? Why are teachers and ASUU never backed by their Pastors financially and physically to bring the system to a standstill if needed? According to Pastor Bakare, Your pastor is either spending the money contributed by the church members or on “Abuja’s payroll.”  This is why they will keep telling us to pray and fast, to keep coming to tithe our below-poverty-line income and keep donating to the cause of the gospel of their bellies!

It’s high time pastors worked for their keep! I don’t think their job description should include hiding under endless church services, prayer retreats, hypnotic manipulation and brain wash. There is no time that people have spoken up and pastors have accepted their wrongdoing. And why should they? Even their blind followers all come out to cry “Touch not my anointed!” This one time, revolution must come!

If the pastors refuse to fight for the people, if they refuse to exercise their positions as leaders and give the people a voice, then we need to stop patronising their stalls – shopkeepers that they are. We need to lock them up and throw stones at them as recommended by Tunde Bakare. This is the only way forward; this is the only way to bring something, anything, anyone to book for the lack of direction and reckless corruption that plagues our nation and Africa as a whole.

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