Ambode’s Lagos stinks with rubbish piled high in the streets


There’s no doubt about it – Lagos State is truly the Centre of Excellence. Yes, I am part Delta, part Ogun State, but I was born, bred and buttered in Lagos baybieee! Eko o gba gbere! Eko ile, Eko akete! We hate on Lagos – the overpopulation, the constant noise and commotion; until someone from another states opens their mouths and then we get feral! We will defend our state to the very last! And for good reason – Lagos is awesome and is miles ahead of many states.

But even the most patriotic statesman would struggle to defend the recent state Lagos has become. There is dirt piled sky-high. The stench is diabolical, and people sit cheek-by-jowl in the filth, courting disease and illness in a country with second to no health care.

We’d been noticing it, but the pictures and videos recorded by Facebooker and personal friend (famzing alert) Ms Kyke Davies are unambiguous. Lagos Island is filthy.

We’re hoping that the departments within Lagos responsible for health, sanitation and sanity see these videos and pictures and ACT!

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  1. U said eko ogbagbakugba …nd the state is full of dirty….u make law that we should not park our dirty for aboki….while lawma are not doing there work…..nd u order nt to do the last Saturday of the month environmental again….nd u think lagos can be neat….impossible, that y people love fashola regime than ambode’s own

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