To be amongst people of influence, you have to be influential too


Ije ti aye je omo ogberi, aye o gbodo je omo awo be.’ The way people deal with a greenhorn, they would never contemplate dealing with a veteran in the same way. What the statement above is emphasising is the power of circle/association/influence. When you’re a person of influence, the world sees you and treats you in a different way.

Sometimes the solution you need is not in the place of prayer or deliverance, but within the circles of influence you belong to.

Mordecai did not have access to the King but he had Esther!

Some of you reading this will be thinking: you have been struggling to be friends with certain people but they don’t want to be your friend. You have been forming familiarity but they keep denouncing you publicly.

My friend, the reason is because you are still a nobody. You can’t force yourself into a circle of influence while still in your state of irrelevance. Ko le werk! Won kan ma ma ri e bi nuisance ni. They will just be seeing you like one nuisance!

Circles of influence are entered by referrals. Go and work on yourself and allow the value you have added do the rest. If you are not reference-able, nobody will deal with you.

Circles of influence are one of the reasons why some get results and others don’t.

Asiri aiye ni mo n be fun e yen o. #SeriousExpo


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