Anambra State Gov Obiano is Made Head of Scouts

Willie-Obiano (2)

Wait o, so once you’re a governor, you must be governor of everything in your state?

According to several reports I’m reading, it would seem that the Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano, was made the Grand Patron of the state’s arm of the Nigeria Scout Council.

Apparently it was a grand ceremony, as hundreds of scouts joined the governor in making a bonfire at the Governor’s Lodge to mark his appointment.

I wonder if the good governor was a scout in his youth? How many knots can he tie? What will he teach the young ones about always being prepared and carving a path for yourself with whatever tools you have? Oh sorry, he’s a politician, so I guess he can help them with that.

Or perhaps it is a strategic move on the part of the Nigeria Scouts Council to appoint the governor? Surely a patron must also be a benefactor of the cause? Aaaah, it’s all making sense now!

Anyway, whichever. Here’s your governor rocking the old Green & Khaki.

Willie-Obiano Willie-Obiano (2)

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