Apostu Suleman, Dino Melaye and Social Media PR, the devil’s workshop


“Fadalud! My shest! Lord, make it stop, make it stop Father” na so I dey para dey pray when I dey watch Mummy Lizzy and Apostle Suleiman on the music video.

Who would expect this exceptional comeback? Oh Lord, is this what social media was made for? I am convinced that there is some amount of small genetic compatibility between Senator Dino and our dear Apostle.

Awon eyan yii mo timing! These people know timing! They know just the right punchline to send social media into a frenzy. I mean, who would expect that while we all were listening to Otobo, Apostle and his wife were busy in studio mixing the hit single of a lifetime? Who would have known that while Sahara reporters were ardently searching for whistleblowers in ABU and London School of Economics,  Senator Dino was busy sewing convocation gown?

I thought social media was for the idle and irrelevant. I thought only the Nigerians using free Airtel or Facebook lite are the ones capable of sensational stunts. Alas, wallahi, these people can hit punchline pass una.

If idle hands are the devil’s workshop and social media is the shop factory for idle people, today I doff my hat to these adults who think the best ways to handle scandalous news is to respond with hit singles and masquerade shows in the Senate House.  It is just sad,  ati gba werey mo social media. We don collect craze join this social media of a thing.

News which used to be a source of valid information  has turned to a circus show. Those who were not interested in evidence from the Apostle would probably not see this as a weird twist of events that calls for concern;  those who should challenge the decay in our leadership structure would choose to take the Senator’s word for it and enjoy the video of his reenacted convocation ceremony.

Ani this country called Nigeria, social media lo maa tuwaka. Na social media go scatter us, no be lie.

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