What is Commitment? Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

I strongly believe in the quote “Motivation gets you started and commitment keeps you going.”

I come across many women regularly with extensive talent and the ability to be change agents in their sphere of influence.  One thing that holds many of them back is the inability to stay committed to a cause.  When the going gets tough, it can be difficult to sustain the momentum to achieve great things. I get that; I have had my fair share of ‘commitment yo-yo’ in the past.  I found that when I am not completely committed to a goal, I falter and lose focus.  Now I do not leave room for excuses, however, I have to accomplish that goal, I commit to it.

It is so easy to make excuses when we are not committed to a goal. You may have moments of lapses but the key is to dig your heels in and refuse to allow challenges to take you off course.  If you want to walk in your true purpose, you must commit to the discovery, development and deployment process.  You can’t afford to leave things halfway because you do not feel like it.

If you are not fully committed to pursuing your true purpose, here are some tips to get you going:

Commitment is action – if you want to be committed to a goal, you must take consistent action. Commitment needs consistency, and it is through consistency that you get results.

Commitment is a choice – you choose what you commit to and how you commit to it.  No coach or accountability partner can force you to commit to a cause. You have to decide within yourself how important the results you want to achieved are and go out to achieve them.

Commitment is positive – it requires a positive mindset. You cannot commit to something you feel negative about.  Your words, actions and thought must align with your commitment.

Commitment flows – once you stay committed to a cause, others flow with you.  Your family, friends will fall in line with your plans when they see how committed you are to your goals.

Commitment is a driver – commitment drives you towards your results. Success is inevitable when you stay committed to a cause.

What are you going to commit to this month? Are you ready to commit time, money and effort to discovering your genius zone and working in it?  Ready to explore?  Get in touch and book a Complimentary Exploration Session and get ready to be awesome.

Blessings in abundance

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