Aregbesola and the Goblet of Gloom: Osun State gov awards graduate with a cup

Aregbesola Education Osun State Feature

Aregbesola Education Osun State
I don’t know why Rauf Aregbesola hates education so much, I really don’t. Education and health care are two things the Osun State governor  dey forbid. The worse these two sectors do, the more despondent the students are, the more impoverished the workers are, the better he feels, I think. Maybe he’s cast a macabre bet with the devil because I cannot think why he acts like he does.

The picture above shows the governor presenting the best graduating student at the Osun State University with a cup. Let me run that by you one more ‘gain: a cup. Not an award or a plaque or even a cheque but a cup.

I mean, it makes sense, I suppose. The young man will need it for soaking garri or drowning his sorrows in Orijin* when he struggles to find a job in Aregbesola’s dystopia that is Osun state. I say struggle because funds have been diverted away from enterprise, tade or infrastructure to create more Local Council Development Areas within the state. Cos that’s what’s needed: more ways to spread the funds around his cronies.

Of course I know it is not his place to find the graduate a job, Lord knows in a working society, this young man should have been headhunted long before graduation and should have some sort of idea what his future would hold but this cup is worse tan useless. I would prefer it if the governor had simply not gone or had presented the graduating class with a flowery speech about how they are the leaders of tomorrow and then given the young man a firm handshake for the cameras, but please: what is the symbolism of a cup?

Are you telling this young man that this is the worth of four years’ (possibly more) hard work? Tumbler? Issorai.

And the Vice Chancellor abi Head of Department  abi who sef  is standing in the middle looking at Aregbesola like “Cup ke? As how? Take do wetin?”

Aregbesola Education Osun State -2

The whole thing is just smelling o jare. Cup indeed.

*Orijin dear o! Maybe shekpe sha…

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