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Akin, is a gifted Singer/song writer, poet and inspirational writer whose music and words are life changing experience for those who seek after truth and wisdom.

FBI Arrests Forbes’ Celebrated Billionaire Obinwanne Okeke for Fraud

Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for $12 million (₦4.3 billion) fraud. My people, my people. Why are we laidis though? Just negodu nonsense. Na dem. Awon enia "Desire to perspire to acquire." Motivational speakers...

Amala Adventures: Daddy G.O Cannot Even Break His Fast in Peace

Waiter: Here we go, sir. African black pudding with a dash of flavoured peppers, veggies and beef parts. Enjoy your meal sir. (bows and turns to leave) G.O: Wos, wa n bi jare! Nibo lo...

As you stretch out a helping hand, may your own helper locate you!

Anyone who says to you that you don't need the help of any man to become successful is dense. Anyone who says you don't need a helping hand; that you can make it on...

First fruit giving: should it deprive or multiply you?

- My guy, abeg I need a little help from you. - Wetin hapun? - Abeg I need you to quick borrow me 150k make I use settle my house rent. - Shuo! Na dat one you...

Obasanjo vs Buhari: when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers

- Obviously, a lot has happened since baba was 'busy' with his phD programme, and he should have asked to be properly briefed before writing and posting his letter. - ...briefed by who? - By his...

Nigerian decay: Olamide Science Student or Nigerian leaders?

- Your excellency, sir... - Yes director, how are you? - I'm very well sir. Just a quick one sir. - Yes I'm listening..... - I just want to call your attention to a song that I think...

Who be dat craze man wey talk say Nigeria na shithole?!

Nigeria is not a shithole-- It's just a thing of pride for us that 89 million out of 198 million of us are living in abject poverty and the number keep increasing by day. Nigeria is...

Beware the cunning wiles of Nigerian politicians this election period o!

When election is drawing near, orisirisi awon isele buruku laa bere si sele bi: All sorts of evil shenanigans will begin, such as: Awon eleriibu ojelu yen a bere si s'ore mekunnu. The unfortunate devils who have...

Daddy G.O. pleads for the Nigerian house girl

(Daddy G.O with a member of the ministry in a meeting) Madam Abayomi: Good afternoon, sir. I was told you want to see me sir....won le fe ri mi? G.O: Haa, e pele ma. Bawo ni...

Ladies, you can be natural and still make da ting go skrrrrah!

When I see some of the women these rich people dey parade as girlfriends, e go jus be like say make I dey bang my head for wall! Complete fake human being na im dem...