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Arit Abolade

I'm Arit Aduke Abolade, Calabar with a Yoruba husband, and a missionary and coordinator of S.T.A.R. Foundation Mission School, a mission providing free education for vulnerable children in Ogun State Nigeria. I am fully for Christ and you will see this as my faith infuses my writing. http://www.starfoundation.org.ng/

In Christianity, there is no prize for spectators

I dislike watching the game of football. Truly, I do. But this doesn't mean I am against sports. I simply dislike the fact that I have to spend over ninety minutes of my time...

Easter Don Pass! But should it ever be truly over for the Christian?

Lately, a dear friend has awakened in me the desire to talk in pidgin English. E don tey! Back here in Abeokuta, it’s either I'm speaking oyinbo English or cracking my brain to say...

Song of Solomon: a written manual for loving God

Inasmuch as I love fellowship in the Orthodox church, (I've actually done that all my life), there is one thing I never really could understand about the adult members of the church while I...

Presumptions or assumptions, both are wrong options! Let the Holy Spirit guide you!

When we make presumptions or assumptions without facts or faith, we take the wrong option! I checked the dictionary earlier and realised there isn't much difference between both words except for the varying degree...

Women: be spiritually sensitive to the needs of your children to avoid disaster

Sometimes we need to be spiritually aware, spiritually sensitive to the world around us. Especially to the needs of our children. Today is Monday! Thank God for a new week. I thank God for life. Thank God for...

RIP: Our brave and gallant son and soldier, Capt. Amaju Jemide falls

Hmmmmm, I spent the whole day wondering why this burden is so heavy. Why I can't put it aside. I spent the day trying to figure out what God is saying so clearly to us yet...

The day Anu fainted: lessons on social empathy and being our brother’s keeper

The true test of a society is its ability to maintain social empathy. To be our brother's keeper even if there is nothing to be gained. Nothing tells of the breakdown of society more...