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Babajide Jolayemi is a graduate of diplomacy, GREAT IFE! Loves gossip,a vast writer and a social media addict. If it is on politics and social media, Babajide Jolayemi will fill you in!

Which way, Gov Aregbesola? Osun State plummets in education stakes

Since Gov Aregbesola took over the state, the level of education just seems to be on a steady decline. I was embarrassed when I saw the break down of the 2015 SSCE results and...

Buying locally made goods makes sense if the customer service is world standard

The recent argument has been about the low patronage of our locally made products and I've heard people saying they don't patronise our local businesses because of the poor quality of goods. I, however, think...

My view on the Davido vs Sophie Momodu baby mama drama by Jolayemi Babajide...

Let me share my view on Davido and the abduction saga: Personally, I don't understand why guys have medium-term sexual relationships with ladies they can't marry or associate with in public. I understand if you...

“Probing Looters Will Bring No Result” – Cardinal Okogie

I am very afraid o! The way all our priests are suddenly becoming anti-probe. Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s option of probing looters...

Atiku’s Daughter Becomes Commissioner in Adamawa State

The Adamawa State House of A$$embly has approved the nomination of Dr. Fatima Atiku Abubakar, daughter of Atiku Abubakar as a commissioner. There was anxiety, however, when the lawmakers withheld the confirmation of Mr Ahmad...

Nigeria, Multi-National Companies and Walmart – Sense or Nonsense?

Is Walmart coming to Nigeria such a great idea? How do we protect our indigenous businesses?

Buhari The Burn-Meister Snubs Wale Tinubu and Jim Ovia in America

Things, they are a-changin'... What are you guys doing here…Did I invite you people? – Buhari By Femi Ajayi Time was, when phantoms in scarlet persistently passed as men of honour while the righteous faded in obscurity...

President Buhari Donates $1million to Fight Ebola in Africa

Don't be mad because my presido is slicker than yours! President Muhammadu Buhari has donated about N200 million ($1 million) for Ebola recovery and reconstruction in Africa. The president made the announcement at the International...