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Bucky has sometimes been called opinionated and stubborn by wickkid pippuls who dunno how sweet, pliable & gentle she really is... ? Loves GOD, Nigeria, politics, Arsenal, and writing. In that order. A carb-worshipper to the sad detriment of her waistline and dem pesky lil numbers on the scale, she wonders why science is wasting time sending people to space, when they should be researching how we can eat Agege bread/asaro/jollof rice/iyan without putting on a single pound...jus sayin'

Why We MUST Support the Forthcoming Oyo State Annual Amala Festival aka Ajodun Oka!

London is having its annual 'Taste of London' food festival. It will likely generate Millions of pounds for the economy and be good for business, tourism, the image of London etc etc. A few weeks...

Nigerian National Assembly must take lessons from Wells Fargo as they probe corruption claims

Wells Fargo, one of America's largest banking groups, is currently embroiled in a banking scandal. The Board of Directors has punished the Chief Executive, John Stumpf, by clawing back $41 Million of his salary...

Ten Thoughts On The Proposed Sale Of Some Nigerian National Assets

On the proposed sale of Nigerian assets, my suggestions are: Sell the refineries. Sell the presidential fleet. And sell the airports via concessions! Sell the stadiums via concessions. When the trains are up and...

The Nigerian economy and the dangers of a mono-economy

Speaking on the Nigerian economy: "Poverty tripled between 2008 - 2009, inflation rose from 6% in 2007 to 15.1% in 2008, and the food price index grew by 16.6% in 2009 to 26.5% in...

A Nigerian soldier and his boy: the sacrifices of our military men and women

He goes off to war and he might never see his child again. But the Nigerian soldier does it; for us. For the chance that his child and our children may have a Nigeria free...
Nigeria terrorists

Boko Haram and Niger Delta Avengers: Nigerian terrorists damaging Nigeria

"The child that burns down his father's house, will inherit ashes." ~ African Proverb. When Boko Haram began terrorising North East Nigeria in late 2010, I called them terrorists and asked the government to deal...
Izuchukwu Ezimoha - drug trafficker burial 3

Death and a drug trafficking ‘Hero’

"Cocaine trafficking isn't really bad. Infant (in fact) u can compare a cocaine trafficker to an unregistered chemist or pharmacy. They all sell drugs and if you take any drug in excess; It would...
niger delta avengers militants

Niger Delta Avengers call a ceasefire? Hahaha! Dem tay sef!

Niger Delta Avengers declare ceasefire. Say they are ready for dialogue with government. And I laugh heartily in Ijaw! Make dem no declare ceasefire o! In fact sef, make dem continue to blow up pipelines...
©Forbes|Rio 2016 Olmpics Gold Medal

Nigeria did not deserve any medals in these Olympics!

Nigeria in the Olympics have suffered a painful blow of leaving with no medals. But our lack of medals in these 2016 Rio Olympics is totally deserved. What the nation has invested in sports...
domestic violence

Marriage Is Not A Death Sentence by Bucky Hassan

I read yet another story of a woman killed by an abusive husband in Nigeria, and I am saddened yet fuming. What kind of sick society do we have that places form above substance?...