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Damilola J. Oladeji

Damilola is quite fascinated by the workings of the human mind, he writes with a goal to build the mind of readers. He has written a number of unpublished short stories and poems, some can be found on his blog (jonathanoladeji.wordpress.com). He loves to create beautiful ideas through short stories and poems.
Nkechi Bianze

Letter to Nkechi Bianze in defence of the community penis and male infidelity

Sympathy for the Community Penis is what We Plead! Dear Nkechi....sorry, aunty Nkechi, This letter is in response to the wicked, wicked thing you did on Facebook a few days ago. Haba, aunty, why are you this...
Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija: Location Causes big stir as more Nigerians demand explanations

So Nigerians have to calm down ooo! I heard that Uncle Lie Mohammed is on top of the Big Brother Naija situation. The information and communication has announced that the show organisers must be...

Babadebaba, Ogusbaba, Ladiispeaks: the new generation of backward artists in Nigeria

Comedy, music and movies used to be works of art before they crossed from "the Abroad" and entered Nigeria. Now, anybody with an Itel 3310 will just record himself doing nonsense and say it...

Trump’s Twitter Fingers: the new president is just as vocal as Obama, but his...

Trump's Twitter Fingers are legendary in these parts and his inaugural speech was no less divisive. Talk is cheap, yes, beht one of the greatest hazards the 2017 inauguration pointed at is the glaring...
Yahya Jammeh

Open letter to almost ex-president Yahya Jammeh of Gambia from a Nigerian

Dear Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, but why would a former President want to hold power like his family property? It is not like people won't listen to you anymore as a civilian. In fact,...
governor ajimobi

Governor Ajimobi disgraces himself as he mocks and threatens protesting LAUTECHS students

Senator Ajimobi the sitting governor of Oyo state thinks that young students should call him "Oga" while addressing their grievances in a public space. "Oga" wants the children to crawl to him begging for...
Ponzi Scheme Warning Sign

As WhatsApp Ponzi scheme crashes, it’s clear Nigerians haven’t learned any lessons after MMM

When we talk now, they will say we talked. I remember writing about MMM some time back and the backlash was terrible, you will think some of these people used family inheritance to do...
Oha Soup by Dooneys Kitchen

The #SoupWars: How oha soup nearly made a thief out of me!

Honestly I don't see why we are fighting over whose soup rocks! I did a search on #SoupWars and found a lot of international cuisine that would make you grateful for ordinary okra soup...

My thoughts on Social Media reaction to the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant disqualification

Apparently, girls at the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant were disqualified for their woeful responses to the general knowledge section. They answered "No idea/I don't know/ Pass" on almost every question. Except for one who  said...