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Nkechi Bianze
Nkechi Bianze is the name. I love reading and writing, but I still haven’t come around to being comfortable with the “writer” tag, maybe because that puts some level of needless pressure on me. I’m highly analytical. I love love and I love life. I’m passionate about advocating for the rights of children, the elderly and women. I am a feminist who advocates and believes in the need for a gender equal planet.
Husband Material

Testing his Husband Material

Husband Material So, I met this guy in my final year at Uni. He was cute, intelligent and he managed to tick all the boxes. After dating him for a while, I realized that he has...
equality begins at home

Equality begins at home

My Dad always sounds it in my ears "Nkechi, you must be tough. Being girlish and being ladylike is not an excuse for weakness". This he still says to my sisters and I till this...
Fragile male ego

We need to stop protecting the fragile male ego

Story 1 Couple: A man earns N100k and a woman earns N500k. One has to give up the job to look after the children. Advice from a typical Nigerian: The man is the provider, he should...

The Sad State Of The Nigerian Domestic Violence Victim

In the UK, as soon as a victim reports a case of domestic violence, the first thing they do is take the victim and all dependants to a safe place. From lodging in hotels...

Life Is Not That Serious: Why You Should Learn To Chill

I worked my ass off at school, I spent half of my life in the library facing the computers. I wanted just one thing: A FIRST CLASS. When I saw my results and realized...
Do we still need a marriage license to be happy?

Marriage On The Decline: Do We Still Need A Licence To Be Happy?

Do we still need a marriage license to be happy? In 2011, I was in my final year at my University. I met this Nigerian doctor who was working in a hospital in Manchester at...

Family or Career? I choose both

One thing I will NOT do is to give up career to focus on family. Neither will I neglect family for career. I can't remember my mum ever holding less than two careers/jobs till this...

Control the wife?

A friend of mine who wanted to advise me called me some days ago to give me tips about how to catch a husband. She got married last year, and she already made herself...

It’s a new era

My maternal grandma was married till death took her husband away. And she never remarried till she passed. That sounds like a successful marriage where only death brought them apart, huh? But shortly before...
showing kindness (Image credits: huffingtonpost.com)

Show a little love and kindness

I went to boarding secondary school. And just like most boarding students, there was this need to look out for each other, most especially your roommates, classmates and close friends. I consider myself a very...