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Nkechi Bianze

Nkechi Bianze is the name. I love reading and writing, but I still haven’t come around to being comfortable with the “writer” tag, maybe because that puts some level of needless pressure on me. I’m highly analytical. I love love and I love life. I’m passionate about advocating for the rights of children, the elderly and women. I am a feminist who advocates and believes in the need for a gender equal planet.

How Do You “Return” A Wife?

I started “working” and doing my little businesses immediately after secondary school. I still couldn’t foot all my bills with the few hundreds of naira that I was making, but at least, I didn’t...

The Tobi Medal saga and the rape culture in Nigeria

Whenever I have a heart-to-heart talk with my Dad and we end up in a debate, I always end up blaming his generation. You see, the generations before him had a good excuse in...

Let’s talk about gender role stereotyping

We need to come to terms with these facts: -Some women are better leaders than their husbands. -Some men can cook better than their wives. -Some men are more domesticated than their wives and many other women. -Some...

When a father knows his daughter’s worth

When it was time for my elder sisters to leave the country for their university education, some of my maternal and paternal uncles told my father not to "waste" so much much money on...

Injustice To The Nigerian Girl Child (1)

One of the worst injustices done to the mind of the Nigerian girl is the idea that she is nothing without a man she calls a husband. Thus making the average girl to want...

Born a Feminist

Permit me a bit of narcissism. At a point in my life, I had to choose between Christianity and feminism. In order to remain true to myself, I chose the latter. A decision I've never...

Bride Price: A Price Paid To Acquire A Bride

No matter how nice we try to make it sound, bride price is a price paid to acquire a female human for the purpose of marriage. Picture this: - A man pays a price to acquire...

Leadership is a human, not a male attribute

Today, I would like to talk about female leaders. I remember an occasion in my third year at primary school. The class teacher wanted a new class prefect, so she decided to organise a...

Parenthood: 4 things I fear the most about becoming a parent

Am I the only non-parent who worries about what having a child would feel like? Becoming a parent is no joke and I do think about it a lot, as I’m hoping I will be...

Eric: the lover boy I could never love

Eric was head-over-heels in love with me. An unrequited love. He loved me so much, and I was convinced his feelings towards me were genuine and pure. He poured out his heart for me,...