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Onuora Onianwa

Graphic designer, who combines his job with his passion for writing, public speaking, personal development and social entrepreneurship. Comic book reader, serious gamer, lover of the colour blue, ice cream and shawarma. He is also Spiderman.

Exhausts and Flames: When people keep being stupid

One day my dad drove home from work in his red Mercedes. I can't recall how old I was then but I do recall something extra stupid I did that day that I was...

Love your life and do it right

I'll say it again and again. The moment you get serious with your life, make changes, grow and move forward, you'll find that you have less in common with many people and some will...

Just be honest

The internet is a great place to learn, connect with people, and start a business or push an existing one out there. There are tons of customers and people who can link you to...

You can’t marry champagne if you date beer: you are not Patience Ozokwor!

I was on a long road trip two days ago because of afiashon foo-el palava. I won't tell you all the stress and wahala we went through on the journey because the gist long...

The day my village people tried to disgrace me in church

One day I dressed up hot for church. One of the reasons I must confess was because I was still annoyed with an ex and wanted to off my awesome, sexy threads. I had...

Sometimes, they’re not right for you. Move ON!

Years ago, I met this lady online that I got to know personally and really liked. She's got a wonderful figure, lovely smile and is born again. This also got a job, loves her...

LOL! List of common sins if they were written by a Nigerian

LIST OF COMMON SINS IN THE BIBLE 1. Sexual sin 2. Theft 3. Murder 4. Lying 5. Avarice 6. Pride LIST OF COMMON SINS IN NIGERIA 1. Women wearing traza or jeems 2. Women using makeup, wigs and high heeled shoes 3. Women not...

All you Nigerian men! Stop looking for a Michelle Obama unless you are a...

Ridiculous, is when a "typical Nigerian man" compares Nigerian women with Michelle Obama and says she supported her husband in all he did, is very humble and respectful, then adds he needs such a...

A man is complemented not completed by a woman!

Excerpt from a message:  "A husband is that man God made and then saw that it may be hard for him to really actualise his purpose for making him, without a help mate and...

Give children responsibilities; it helps them grow and they love it!

There is a reservoir (well) where I stay to draw water from if there is no power supply to pump water into tanks. Great policy since it means in this period of no light,...