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Onuora Onianwa

Onuora Onianwa
Graphic designer, who combines his job with his passion for writing, public speaking, personal development and social entrepreneurship. Comic book reader, serious gamer, lover of the colour blue, ice cream and shawarma. He is also Spiderman.

To Dump or Not To Dump? That is the question

Aunty, no be only you get right right to dump pessin. You're not the queen of the universe. If you're dating someone and he gets to a point where he feels the relationship is...

Attraction does not a soulmate make – choosing the right partner

Just recently, I found out this lovely lady I really liked back then is married now. I was happy for her. She doesn't know I used to like her and that is not her...
Waiting for Love

Waiting for Love – The Right Way

Yesterday, I had a brief chat with someone in a group about waiting for love. I decided to put out something today that I think may be helpful and further explain that concept of...

Facebook pastors and the hunt for the Proverbs 31 Woman

Facebook Conversations: Him: See, all these women are not submissive. A virtual woman is hard to find these days. We men need to pray and bid this spirit of the Antichrist. For me, I will...
Pearly Gates Landscape

You bleach and you wan enter heaven? How angel go recognise you na?

That's how you will come online and see one sister's leg has bent so much in her picture, you start to pray God heals her or helps her deal with the stares that come,...