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Wanja? You don't know Wanja?? Where have you been hiding? Under a rock? This Kenyan brain spits everyday living and lifestyle truth and and wisdom through the veneer of humour, wit and sarcasm. You will be drawn in from the very first word, so strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride!
Being broke

It is that time: An amusing look at being broke

Being broke It is that time. For us, struggling citizens, that time of the month has come. That time when you dissect the empty toothpaste tube to access the traces of toothpaste therein. And you...

About persistent hawkers

persistence The business people at bus stations who hawk things, and have drinking water, biscuits, sweets, peanuts, and other snacks all arranged meticulously in a ka basin, I want their persistence. They come to your window,...
Funny observations

A talent for having things we would not ordinarily have

Funny observations You have a blue Omo or Harpic t-shirt, but you use Ariel or Sunlight washing powder, and Vim for your toilet. You have no idea how those t-shirts came to your possession but...
Be a friend indeed

Be a friend indeed

Be a friend indeed Please check up on your friends. The ones that are depressed and withdrawn. Don't send them angry texts complaining about how they've been ignoring you and how they're being unfair to you...
African mother

When an African mother is punishing you

If you were raised by an African mother, then you know that before beating you, she might ask you a question or two. She already knows all the answers, so you had better not...
I was Tipsy

That time I was tipsy

I was tipsy. I was high. And I was feeling hungry. So I went to a nearby food kiosk to buy some food. This particular quest went swimmingly, but it got interesting on my...
a wanton pastor

A pastor, his fellowship and the prostitute he tried to stiff

A wanton pastor During a fellowship in Pastor's house, where Pastor could be heard emotionally leading a worship song, a woman angrily banged on the door, loudly demanding that Pastor come out and pay her....
Laugh out Loud

When you want to buy condoms discreetly but the devil wont let you

Laugh out Loud It's like you have to bump into someone who knows you quite well whenever you are buying condoms. Someone way older than you, whom you respect. Inexplicably, this person will be the...
A funny story

Me, my neighbour and a 100 shillings: A hilarious story

A funny story I see a 100 shillings note lying at a neighbour's doorstep. The door is ajar, but there is a curtain. We put curtains at our doors, us who don't live in mansions....
Shaming single mums

The Irony: A Community Penis Shaming Single Mums

shaming single mums You have impregnated several women and then ran, fled, vanished, like that Malaysian plane. You have made it evident that you are severely allergic to pregnancies and any child(ren) that you have...