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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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More than a passing resemblance to Eddie Murphy (we think maybe it's the moustache). No to football; yes to anime and all things cartoon. Oh, and yes to words. https://wordsmithf.wordpress.com
Real woman

Real Woman Facts!!

1) A Real Woman does not sleep. She closes her eyes and meditates on new ways to please her man! 2) Real Women can drive from Lagos to Kaduna in a car with half a...
Funny memes

Random Rat memes because Bubu

Funny memes So dem say Oga Bubu go dey work from home because rat don colonize him office, chop him A/C and couch ba? What a wawu! Eez like these Rats have no respect for constitutional authority Anyway...
Cheating boyfriend

Think again before taking a bat to your cheating boyfriend’s car!

Cheating Boyfriend So you just found out that boo is cheating on you and you are very very VERY angry. In fact you are so angry that you channel your inner "yonce", pick up a...
Bro code

Some thoughts on the “Bro code”

Soooooooooo A few days ago I learnt that it is "unthinkable" for a guy to date a girl his friend used to date. Apparently it is also "bad manners" for a guy to go after...

5 signs you are in a Nigerian hospital

Nigerians typically do not like going to the hospital (why go when a quick trip to the mallam for Panadol will fix the issue?) but as it happens there are times when we eventually...
Getting the best out of your generator

7 ways to get the best out of your generator

I was sitting at home, enjoying Game of Thrones on my laptop when those PHCN people struck again. Ayam tayad. Not just because I have to go and turn on the gen, but the...

A few thoughts on physical attractiveness

Hello dear reader!! Now be a darling and repeat after me: “I am beautiful and being beautiful does not mean that everyone will be attracted to me” Do you find the above statement (especially the latter part)...
There was a time

There was a time

There was a time  When for the sake of your smile the ocean would not have withstood me When I would have run a gauntlet just to be by your side When my thoughts were centered only around you...

Shame and how it affects you

Sometime ago I had a bit of a braingasm and I started reflecting on how many people are "here" but not really "here". They appear to be disconnected and distant from their bodies, their...
World Plantain Day

On World Plantain Day, here are 4 reasons why dodo is bae!

World Plantain Day 1)  Dodo is not difficult to prepare Need a delicious meal that doesn't need you to have several degrees from the best cooking schools in the world and an endorsement from Gordon Ramsey?...