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8 Phrases That Are More Powerful Than ‘I Love You’

8 Phrases That Are More Powerful Than ‘I Love You’

8 Phrases That Are More Powerful Than ‘I Love You’ Love is one of the most remarkable things in the world. We work so hard to find it. We write tales and songs praising it....

4 hilarious memes showing life in an ajepako school

Hilarious memes Ajepako (adjective): A non pampered life. Antonym of Ajebutter "See as she dey pretend like say no be ajepako she be!" 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
cyber stalking

5 ways to deal with a cyber stalker on social media

Cyber stalking might seem like something out of some sci-fi fiction novel but it is very real and much more common place than most people think. The explosion of technology and social media has not only...

5 ways to figure out what you want to do with your life

Dear reader, what is it that you want to do with your life? That question is quite frightening to a number of people. Lord knows there are many who have been in this world...

5 Local Brews You MUST Try If You Are Ever In Northern Nigeria

The Northerners in Nigeria aren't particularly known for their drinking but as it happens the North is home to not a few delicious Nigerian brews that will rock your tongue off and make you jump...
Enjoy some bread this easter

Jesus loves bread and so do I

Enjoy some bread this Easter So some time ago a delightful friend of mine  announced that she has been avoiding bread because reasons. Now that got me a little curious and I did a quick google search...

4 lessons a Nigerian mum will teach you

Nigerian mums are wonderful! Just wonderful! Very very wonderful! Living with a Naija mum is going to leave you with many lessons that will shape your life in all sorts of ways and today we are going...
Infidelity - holding en to higher standards

Women, it’s time to hold us men to higher standards

When I say women need to hold men to higher standards, the men folk like to come for me. But here's why. See ehn, I read something a few days ago from a friend's Facebook...
Anointing Oil

Just for Laughs: Anointing Oil is here to solve all your relationship problems!

Sooooooooooo I HAS (yes HAS) come again! Women in the house I present to you the solution to all ya relationship and marital problems!!! POWER ON THE ALTAR ANOINTING OIL!!! (POTA!!!) Just follow the handy guide below,...
Nigerian keke napep

Strange Tales from Whatsapp: Naija Transformers

So some days ago eh, I got a rather short voice message from someone (I won't mention who) now the message was narrated by a woman who said she was at Badagry and witnessed an incident What...