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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Chierike Coco Ukogu - Nigerian Olympic Rower

The lesson from that Nigerian Olympic rower? Stop waiting and just bloody do it!

The Nigerian Olympic rower, Chierike "Coco" Ukogu, has finally revealed the sad truth we knew all along but didn't want to admit to ourselves - the government will do NOTHING for us. We have to develop and sustain ourselves.
Naked Black Woman - Feature

What is the offence of the female body?

You know I've been wondering lately: What is the offence of the female body? A man posts up a picture of himself topless or perhaps wearing a tight fitting top that shows every ripple and...
Honour killing

Honour killing: a scourge, a shame, a stain.

“You will marry that boy” “No! I do not love him. My heart belongs to another” So her demise is arranged. A bullet to the skull Dishonour is purged; honour restored “Remain with your husband!” “No! He beats me...
©Shuttershock|Pretty Black Woman laying on sofa

Ladies: on gender equality and its responsibilities

Ladies you cannot relish the empowerment of gender equality while disdaining the responsibilities it brings. If you will embrace Gender equality then it calls upon you to do and stop certain things which include: 1....
Gender roles - buying tampons

Gender roles, tampons and washing ladies’ undies

So this morning I was having a conversation with a friend about gender roles and she asked me two questions. They were: "Could you get tampons for a girl?" "Can you wash her panties?" My replies to...
Change the world

Nigerians, the change we seek starts with US!

The change in Nigeria that we so desperately crave can be often likened to a man on a sinking ship. Gradually, gradually, gra-dua-lly the ship is taking in water and what does the man do?...
Darey Pray For Me - Gbadura Fun Mi

Pray For Me by Darey ft. Soweto Gospel Choir – got us in our...

What a fabulous song! Pray For Me Gospel song Let me say first and foremost that I have never been a Darey fan. I don’t deny his exquisite vocals but I have never followed his music and...

Gentlemen, your erection is NOT your direction!

*Please be warned that the content of today’s post will be raw and rather disturbing. It will be about the male mind and the erection. The easily offended should give this a skip* I came across...
Tunde Lawal Shoes -Feature

We can all be a TY Bello to someone: Babatunde Lawal and his fab...

I'm really ticked off that Ben Murray-Bruce beat us to this as I'm not quite decided on what he and his #CommonSense and #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira initiatives are up to, but a story must be told, so...Viva Naija is...
Angry black woman hitting a man

To my Naija sisters up in arms : What Feminism is NOT (Part I/II)

Last month a lady stabbed her husband to death in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ghastly as it was, what was even more ghastly were the reactions it generated from certain quarters. From cheers “YES! Now we...