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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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More than a passing resemblance to Eddie Murphy (we think maybe it's the moustache). No to football; yes to anime and all things cartoon. Oh, and yes to words. https://wordsmithf.wordpress.com
Living In Naija - sleeping policeman

4 things you will learn Living In Naija

1. Living in Naija will teach you to find the pleasure in pain: We Nigerians are experts in finding the proverbial pleasure needle in a  thorny haystack. The pressure we live under is enough to...
Facebook rant

A bruised ego ranting: a guy goes off in Facebook Messenger after being rejected

Something shocking and amusing happened yesterday. A lady friend of mine became a victim of an arrogant, entitled Facebook rant from some guy. Before I speak any further, here is the message in it’s unedited...

A word of encouragement for those feeling depressed this Christmas ~ Dotun Fadairo

Good morning dear reader :) and happy holidays. I had a thought this morning and I thought to make this short post. It’s the season that’s characterised by a lot of joy and celebration...
Guest Contributions Featured Image

Viva Guest Contributions: MORE THAN A RING AND TITLE by Dotun Fadairo

Dear readers, I am afraid I have been thinking again. Well technically this is a thought that came to my mind several months ago. It simmered for a bit and then receded into the background but...