Avengers from Ogbomosho shows that EmmaOhMaGod is still not taking his medication! LOL


There is so much talent, wit and creativity in Nigeria and video clips such as Avengers from Ogbomosho by Emma Oh Ma God is just proof of that.

We no dey ever dey carry last, and the second a question, phrase or meme comes out, the sheer creativity with which Nigerians respond to it is amazing  Go on Twitter or Instagram and see Nigerians casually cracking jokes that would make any standup comedian jealous.

Avengers from Ogbomosho: beht EmmaOhMaGod why naaaa?!

EmmaOhMaGod has long proven that he is an unserious person. His skits, his songs and his adaptation of Naija life to the most bizarre scenarios just makes you wonder what happens in that young man’s head. Indeed, we here at Viva Naija got to taste his silliness first hand when I did a skit with him.

But this Avengers from Ogbomosho tho!! I can’t stop laughing! In this particular ‘Afenjas’ we have Kapten Hamerika, Taw and Holuki amongst others, and when Holuki used Loki to clean the floor, I nearly fell off my seat!

If this ever came out as a feature length movie though, I would totally watch it. Emma, oya oya oya – we need this in a longer, fuller version! 😆

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