Awero – traditional Nigerian Poetry


Tonight, I heard clamours around the gods’ shrine
Not of Ikoko Akufo—lamentation of a broken pitcher
That discerned values on parameters of Akitan
Struggling to fetch honour for phenomenon.

Tonight, I heard deliberations or thereabouts
Not of the hilarious adventure of Ajala tana
When conflict clustered shameful syndromes
Upon Ajala that picked a blunt from trouble’s sword.

Tonight, I heard whispers from the gongs of Akoda
Disseminating norms to the remarks of peoples around
Not about the departure of the patrimonial Alayeluwa
That got swallowed by the clay of ash and sand.

Tonight, I heard Aferebojo tiptoe into a sonorous hole
A surreallism of how a hedgehog walks like a wall—gecko
Tonight, I heard clamours complementing your soul
Tonight, I see your logo of marigold; Awero.

Tonight, I heard sparks and twinkles of a dozen stars
Betwixt the glow of heaven and the regime of Eledua
Betwixt the pyramid of shadowed redolence
Awero, I heard voices telling of your vibe!

Tonight, I heard the boom of pale-knuckled guns
Instilling fear in the rectitude of fierce guts
Tonight, I heard Ogun’s drill plumb
With beacons of palm frond suites sprayed aloft

Tonight, I heard consecrated brooms sweeping chaff
From the grains of disturbance of alchemy
Tonight, I see your footprints glaring at me
Tonight, I see your movements – godlike.

Tonight, I heard hammocks on electric pylons
Tonight, I heard Ajobiewe with euphonious voice
Tonight, I heard  Faleti’s mellifluous declaration
Tonight, I heard Orisa-oko spewing adulation.

Tonight, I heard apotheosis benign — benediction
Tonight, I heard the maggots conversing with the vulture
Tonight, I see your footprint— flooring hubris
Tonight, I see you Awero —like rays of sunbeam.

Tonight, I heard a blatant cry on ancestral land
Astride your beauty, astride your alluring diaspora
Tonight, I heard the boot licking of iron monsters
Awero, tonight, I see your footprint glaring around.

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