Bank fraud? Why you should be more scared of your bank

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We all know there are different ways of stealing money in this country. Whether it’s a 9-year-old boy stealing ₦100 from his mother’s purse, or a 60-year-old pot bellied uncle finding ways to embezzle more money, or the armed bandit that waits on the road or comes to your house at night, they all do the same thing. Steal our money with individual methods. One aspect people don’t generally focus on or pay much attention to is the theft committed by the institution tasked with safeguarding this money we don’t want other people to take from us.

This institution is none other than the bank (abeg if you were thinking church you are on your own 0, haha). Banks have been stealing money since the days of Homo Nicodemus.

Cracked bank logo

I am not even talking about their charges for ATM or transactions that we all grumble about. I am talking about the big heists they commit right under our noses. Every time they will send emails and text messages and also advise you in person to not give your ATM cards or pins out to anyone, friends and family inclusive. Every right thinking man knows this already!

Most people also know if their cards ever get stolen they are to inform the bank immediately and their cards are blocked so it can’t be used. So many precautions are taken just to safeguard our money so we don’t dig deep 6ft holes in our yards just to bury money. Yet despite all that you wake up one day and discover a huge chunk of that money has suddenly disappeared. You panic at first, look around for your ATM cards and see it’s still with you and you get confused how a withdrawal was made without your knowledge when it’s not even a joint account. Look no further and don’t suspect anyone else.The bank stole your money. The bank did bank fraud with your money with your money. It was an inside job. These days more and more people are opening up about their nightmare horrors from banks in Nigeria.

I know a certain Mrs. N who resides in Abuja sent her daughter to withdraw money for her from the ATM. N is an elderly woman and doesn’t really know how to use the ATM properly so she sends her children to assist her. She told her daughter there was supposed to be a certain amount before the withdrawal will be made. Her daughter checked the account balance and realized over ₦150,000 had been withdrawn. She informed her mum who told her not to withdraw anymore and they made their way to the bank.

Getting there the bank claimed that someone who looked like Mrs. N had requested for instant ATM in two different branches of that bank in Imo State (really? Doppelganger?). She’d withdrawn the money from the ATM, they apologised and said they would refund the money and also promised to have a look at the ATM surveillance to see the woman who looked like Mrs. N.

Sheep wolf
See dem. Just look at them. Wolves in sheep’s clothing

They said she even had signature like Mrs N (Ahhh!). The money was refunded a few days later but Mrs N still asked after her so called doppelganger to be made known and she was told they couldn’t see the woman’s face. She just had to let the matter go after her money had been refunded and blocked her account temporarily.

Did they really think they would get away with it and the owner of the account wouldn’t notice such a large amount gone?!

Mrs N’s phone line also got mysteriously blocked days before this discovery was made. All attempts to register the line were futile as the line stayed inactive. All customer care could say was the line had been registered and it was active yet N could not get text messages or receive phone calls. She had no idea what was happening.

After she had cleared his issue with the bank, she bought a new sim card and did welcome back, her line became truly active and all the texts from the robbery withdrawals came in including the instant ATM charges.

I don’t know if there is a connection to what happened but it’s hella suspicious if you ask me. Some people aren’t so lucky to have their money refunded by the banks, some banks deny responsibility and insist you must have had your card stolen or given out some information that enabled the theft even when you know you didn’t. They will drag and drag with you and not refund you or they wait for you to pull a Kanye, disgrace them and disgrace yourself before they behave themselves.

Customer strips naked in bank 3
Just disgrace yourself there till they give you back your money

Nigerian banks should better be careful, so many of these type of incidences are recurring, if they know they have thieves in their midst they should just close shop and give you back your money let somebody just dig hole jejely in their yard ‘cos I don’t see the point of taking the time to create an account, take all the necessary steps to safeguard it, get charged for unnecessary things, and then one uncle or aunty feeling like big thief will suddenly feel like having a share of your hard work. Mbanu o!

Nigerians need to be aware that some banks do commit bank fraud, and if it happens to you, no matter how the banks ignore you, don’t let the case go, no just free them at all, disturb them over and over again, your money is your sweat and blood, they have no right to steal it from you even if you thief am from another person, its still not one clown’s own to take from the bank. So open eyes, open ears and open sense.


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