#bbnaija; Odomodebirin Cee C ti so akegbe re Tobi di gbewudani. (eni ire lo).


Gege bi atejade ti awon ololufe Tobi n se lori ero ayelujara twitter, won tin ke gbajari wipe ki odomodebirin Cee C tu Tobi kale ninu igbekun to fi si. Opolopo awon eyan ton wo idije BBN lon so wipe nkan ton sele laarin awon mejeji ki se oju lasan.

Awon atejade ti won se i yi ni ede geesi;


4h4 hours ago


Kings, I pray for you tonight,every Cee c in form of woman that want to locate you in order to mould you with Foolishness and turn you to dindinrin will catch fire in Jesus name. Amen



Ceec can make over in a week….don’t know what she is looking for in bbnaija. Help retweet.



Cee C can actually make that N45M if she leaves the Big Brother house and starts selling whatever it is she used to tame Aunty Tobi



Gadddemit! Alex just buried CeeC!





Tobi is begging Cee C. We predicted this and it has happened



I am interested in investing in whatever Cee C used in taming Tobi. It needs to be Marketed



Tobi’s stats in the House: Minutes – 15,850 Head of House – 2 Wagers won – 0 Body count – 0 Kisses – 0 Pecks on Cheek – 6 Hugs – 30 Lap dance – 1 Apologies to CeeC – 666 Housemate saves – 1 @OptaBBNaija



Tobi is now a puppet! Always begging Cee C! They both need to f*koff already 😡



Lolu to Cee C – You are rude.



IT’S OFFICIAL!! Tobi is an abusive relationship with Cee C 😭



Biggie should tell those Ninja to search CeeC‘s locker… am sure Tobi’s picture is inside a bottle



CeeC : Can I keep this water please Tobi : I will keep it for you I and friends : yeeeee😭😭 Won ti ro efo fun Boda yi😢😢





Cee C officially tells Tobi to F🤬🤬k off





Who the f**k does this CeeC think she is? Just look at the way she is talking to Tobi and the dude is even begging her sef. Gosh !!! This makes me SICK 🤢🤢🤢🤢

All these things all the housemates are saying to Cee C. Tobi will be the one to beg on behalf of them later

CeeC is TBoss. I mean Tobi’s Boss.

Tobi has actually said he can’t sleep if he doesn’t make her feel better😭😭😭 Ceec, “can I have my dinner right now?” Tobi, “you know I always make it for you! Please lemme get you a plate!”

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