Is all hope lost? #BBNaija voting and Nigerian stupidity


This social media of a thing hurts me a lot. Moments when I sadly and unfortunately bump into a sight like this one below. Trying so hard to unsee it. #BBNaija has shown the depths of depravity we are willing to fall to for no forseeable reason.

Over 200 million people, where at LEAST 80% are either fully illiterate, faux literate, or religiously blind, or extremely naive, emptily cocky, and/or just plainly wrong. 80% of a population thriving solely on variant strains of absurdity and madness! I don’t wonder about how we got here anymore, fact is just that we are here!

Presently, I’m on a drive with some like-minded friends to donate basic hospital utilities like cotton wool and syringes to ease the burden on patients and their families in UCH, Ibadan, my country’s “best teaching hospital”. This is a place where patients die while a family member is on her/his way to QUEUE to BUY something as basic a 5ml syringe. This is the “best” hospital.

Yet, in this same country, I’m hearing that state governments and public officials (I’m not actually bothered about any individual who chooses to do same) are doling out cash to people, erecting billboards and whatnot, to support housemates on a reality TV show. Housemates on #BBNaija , for crying out loud! And not just a few measly quid either; hundreds of thousands of naira, even millions. Well, I guess money will not launder itself, soooo…

My heart weeps for my country on a daily now. I try to “meme” it to ignore it, but it still finds a way to come in. Please just watch this video below:

I’ve written articles on what we need to do to rescue this nation. The main theme in ALL of these articles is one – a revolution of the mind and mindset of the average Nigerian through sound but largely unconventional education. We MUST start this with our kids, children, infants, not this adult population of ours. For us, hope is lost, I repeat in uppercase, HOPE IS LOST.

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  1. what is dis one even saying.?? abeg who u help??? rubbish. as if dem force u to come vote for any body. Ure not seeing it as any thing because it’s big brother nija. If it were to b big brother America. u wouldn’t have posted dis ur idiotic and stupid stuff.

  • Dis one saying dat we re seating down n watching BBN while old people re ruling us, u no no road to Asorock?? Go their and we will support u.Make u no blame APC and PDP wey Don kill Nigeria. continue to blame BBN.

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