Be deliberate with your associations


Your associations

My phone had issues but I needed to find out what was going on in the political sphere so I asked a friend for her phone and wen through her FB news feed.

I didn’t get a single update. I couldn’t believe it, was this even possible?

I just finished listening to Terri Savelle Foy on YouTube, someone sent me her podcast and I went to look her up on Instagram and co. Her messages are uplifting and life transforming so I listen to her and Joseph Prince as often as I can.

That brings me to my question, what’s on your social media news feed? what fills your Timelines?

Gossip,”type AMEN” posts, defeatists write ups, subs, Agony Aunts, women/men/singles/married bashings?

If that’s what fills your feed, maybe its time to start social media all over again because whatever fills your space, will affect the quality of your life, your thought pattern, your decision making and your productivity levels.

Learn to sieve through information and people.

It will also affect the quality of people you connect with, and the possible connections and opportunities you could make in this life.

Be deliberate with your association. Online and Offline.

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