Be proud of your scars


Can I talk to a woman?
I have seen women who hide their faces in shame because they have one scar or the other. You see them wishing they were younger and without the knife cut. Whether from childbirth or surgery, your scars are not something to be ashamed of.

Nobody would wish to have scars. They are signs that life happens to us all at different times. Some people’s scars aren’t physical but psychological, and that doesn’t make it better. A scar is a scar and it is proof of survival. I bet you couldn’t have known from childhood that you would have them.

My son was born through a Caesarian section. I remember spending a week in the hospital with his mom, until she was fit to go home. After she got discharged a permanent scar was left on her lower stomach- one that she would forever have. That scar always reminded me of the travails of child bearing.

You see, it would be totally insane for me to despise her because of a scar she didn’t bring upon herself. She couldn’t have wished it on herself. Nobody does. Her scar should naturally evoke feelings of respect from me. I should consider her a heroine. It should make me honor her more for making a sacrifice for us. Childbearing is a sacrifice.

Unfortunately, some men humiliate their wives. They talk them down and make them feel worthless because of their scars. I dare say, that those men are drowning in the ocean of ineptitude and foolishness. No reasonable man would despise his woman for her scars. A man should see his woman’s scars as a thing of pride. A man who leaves his woman because of her scars, to follow after one who is without a scar, is the worst disaster that can happen to any woman.

Be proud of your scars. Your story isn’t complete without them. We should be confident enough to tell the stories of our pain as much we tell those of our joys. Success story without a failure story isn’t complete. When people survive road accidents we don’t mock them for their scars, we celebrate them for the life they have. Wear your scars like an ornament and be proud of them. Being ashamed will not make them disappear. Your scars show that you survived something. You are a survivor. If someone rejects you because of your scars, that person isn’t worth you. It means that person would rather, you were dead than alive. Learn to dignify your scars.

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