Believe In Yourself: A Poem On Self Confidence


We will encounter people in life
Those who define us by the mud in their eyes.

These are those who would challenge your sense of worth
And make you doubt; they erode your self worth.

They come as friends, as persons in authority,
As those you love, and people you look up to.

If not, how else would you accept the lies they speak to you?
And simply because they never believed in you,
Their disbelief is what makes you lose faith in you.

They exist as friends, or siblings, or lovers, 
They appear as Pastors, as mothers, as fathers,

Their tongue is a well of bile
Their words cutting so deeply, 
it leaves depths as scars.

The truth is this: you only need one person to believe in you,
And that my friend is you, no other person, just you
And when you do, you will find all your dreams true,
That nothing’s impossible to you who believes in you -ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I pray someday you realise, there’s just one person to beat, to surpass, to prove yourself to; to challenge and compete with, to love and validate who you are as a person….and that person is YOU.

Bless you.

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