Believing is not enough


Dear Young People,

Everything is possible if ONLY you believe?

Scratch that. Somebody lied to us.

Believing is not enough.

Everything is possible if you are ready to do whatever it takes to get it.

That includes hard and persistent work, critical and creative thought, ingenuity and dogged efforts.

You go to Church, success seminars and you’re pumped up to believe.

Them you go home and you believe.

Sit on you bed, open Instagram and read the update of a successful person complaining about an entitled, ignorant, lazy, youth who acts like a donkey and you type “You never know what tomorrow will bring, this person may become a billionaire tomorrow.”

Yes, we can never measure people by how they look today but my dear friend. SUCCESS HAS A TRAJECTORY.

It doesn’t come by mere wishful thinking, prayer house hunting or favor soap rubbing

Those listening to audio messages, reading books, seeking opportunities cannot end up worse than those who sleep 12 out of 24 hours and constantly fill their minds with noise and junk.

No, you will not be strolling on the road and one rich man will stop his car and give you 10M to start a business. If that even happens, the money will most likely be frittered away by your ignorance and inexperience.

You will not receive calls from companies if you didn’t apply to any. Unless of course, someone helped you apply – which we usually don’t say in our testimonies.

I’ve met too many people who are so dissatisfied with where they are and are constantly complaining.

Give them ideas for business at the level they are, 2 years later, they are still complaining.

Some gets jobs and still have one too many excuses why it is not good enough.

I’m not saying your one naira business is what will eventually make you great – it could, eventually though.

What I’m saying is that being busy creates opportunities. When you start, you may not know how it will lead to greater things but it is better than not starting.

NYSC to Masters, why? What value do you bring to the table? Why should people trust your brand? What exactly can you do if what you read in the University is not available?

A woman asked for a 20-25k job for her sister and I laughed. People called me callous for laughing and I told them “The woman has no right to peg a salary for someone who has no degree and no experience.”

In Nigeria, we like to ignore fact and romanticise ideals. That gets no one anywhere.

Too many of us have blown opportunities away by our dishonesty and inconsistencies.

There are people who will never associate with you because you have refused to improve on yourself and work on some bad habits.

You don’t need man? I agree, God is all you need. However it is men God will use to bring what you need, and you to where you need to be.

No one is perfect. However, somethings are basic. Cultivate a culture of excellence, be open to learning.

I agree Nigeria can suck the life out of you but what’s the alternative for now? Do you do nothing at all because conditions are unpleasant? Do you know it is easier to receive help and favors when you look like you have a sense of direction?

Nobody wants to waste their resources on someone whom they perceive as unproductive.

It is good to believe in miracles, but even God is not irresponsible, the person preparing is not a fool. When opportunity meets preparation is when a miracle occurs.

Not when opportunity meets a sub king/queen,

Have an amazing week.

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