Bored by the Beyonce Brouhaha: Viva Naija on the Lemonade Album



Apparently, Beyonce made an hour long musical film/video titled Lemonade following from Formation which was released the day before the Superbowl. This album has set the world ablaze yet again as Beyhive and non-fans alike have talked about nothing else for the past 72 hours.

To be honest, it makes me no never mind. I used to like her music right up to the Drunk In Love era, but since then, she just doesn’t seem to thrill me anymore. I’m neither anti-Bey nor Beyhive – I just can’t be bothered by it all. If the Beyhive were to come for me, they would find me a peculiarly poor target – I have neither vitriol nor fervour; I’m just here like “Meh.”

Piers Morgan – that uncle that you’re always ashamed to say that you’re related to – weighed in on the topic, however. He went on in a Daily Mail article about how he’d once had tea and scones with Beyonce before going on to Harrods with her back in 2010, and how she didn’t seem political then.


I can understand Piers’ confusion: when your emotional growth is as stagnant as pond scum, it’s hard to believe that someone could have evolved in five years.

Beyonce is a mother now, and things have changed significantly since those happy-clappy days of “Single Ladies” – both in her personal and professional life. She has tasted vulnerability for the first time since her debut and meteoric rise: slumps in album sales, pretenders to the throne in the names of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, sister going all Bruce Lee on husband in lifts…bruhhhh! It’s been tough! She probably isn’t even the same person she was yesterday, never mind 5 years ago.

As much as I hate to admit it however, I do agree with some of the strands in Piers’ argument (just kill me now). I am not 100% convinced about this new “woke,” conscious Beyonce. I’m a little bit perturbed that her political stand is only when it helps in selling records. It is never seen on marches or speeches. It never takes money out of her coffers, merely adds to it.

Bruce Springsteen cancelled an upcoming concert in North Carolina because of a controversial anti-LGBT law that critics say legalises discrimination. He had to refund thousands of dollars of ticket payers’ money.

Stevie Wonder point blank will not play in any states that support the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law.

Queen Bey has always had her finger firmly on the zeitgeist. At this time in America’s history when police crime against black people and the glaring injustice meted out to black people in general is blatantly on the increase, it would be pure madness to come out with an album titled “Look at my bum. LOOK. AT. IT. Isn’t it nice and round? Focus on this bum and get your life” Toh, she can’t even do that again. Not in a world that contains Nikki Minaj and Amber Rose.


Or, following a Solange/Jay Z wrestling bout of WWF standards, could Bey really come out with an album titled “I Love My Jay-Z, My Boo Loves Me; It’s All Hunky Dory in Bey/Jay World!“?

No, the cracks were showing, and being the smart cookie that she is, she responded to it. In the fiercest, most Beyonce way she knew how – by doing a Mr Vegas on them:

Heads high…kill dem wit it now
Just mek a bway know you nah blow

And she said it herself in the song Formation: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

Don’t forget that the lyrics of Formation were not even particularly political. She talked about “I see it, I want it…I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.” And let’s not forget Red Lobster.

Her mention of her ancestry makes no difference to me either. Texas-Bama is a great thing to be but was there ever any doubt that Beyonce was black? Was there an emergency KKK meeting called with high priests talmbout “Yoooo! And I’ve been jamming Crazy In Love in my car the whole time??? Sucks to be me. Excuse me, my Aryan brothers, I’m just gonna go hang myself now.” Is it now laudable for someone to say they’re black when they are, in fact, black?

Look, all I’m saying is: Beyonce is amazeballs. When I think back from Destiny’s Child’s “No No No” to today’s Lemonade, this lady has never let the grass grow under her feet. She has worked, she has conquered and she still reigns supreme – forget whatever Rihanna tries to tell you by getting yet another tattoo.

But she ain’t no Farrakhan. She ain’t no Malcolm X. She ain’t no Martin Luther King.

She sang a few songs. Which you will now go out and buy. Which will further enrich her. And secure her crown as Queen Beyonce.

Queen Beyonce


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    • That I have to agree with. Thing is when you say this “outside”, na hater them go call you and bed belle. As if to not like someone’s stuff is a bad thing or liking it makes you bigger, richer and better. I saw the video (or ten minutes) and left it be. It did not move nor excite me and yet again I wondered what so many found in it that was so amazing. All I liked was the visual effects and that is because I am a designer and even that was not enough to keep me there.

      • You’ve said everything, Onuora. Only a die-hard Beyonce fan would see any substance to the hour long video. They are, however, out there, so she made it for them, I guess.

  1. Yeah, my thoughts too. There’s usually about 2 or 3 tracks I enjoy in her albums but I really prefer the music of Mary J, Angie Stone etc. She’s a musician with her finger on the pulse making money and people are out here writing theses on the significance of her lyrics.

    The thing with Rachel Ray (Roy?) and the beyhive was good entertainment, though 😃

  2. Blasphemy!!! Bee hive is coming for you, lol. I get both sides of the argument, but, remember it’s art and not all art are relatable. She told her story and the album reflected her space. It was her way to come out of her pain/joy/anger/betrayal… I couldn’t relate, but I can appreciate. Only an icon can pull something like that off. Hit or miss, her legacy is safe.

    • i dont think she will throw her husband under the bus like that, that will put a big strain on any marriage ………for some reason i am not buying its her story . Everytime there is a tour for her , she been using divorce to drive a talking point and i think she just using this from a sale perspective . …

    • Oh, her story is real. And she can pull it off cause Jay knows, he has the baddest bitch in the business. Where else will he go? Too much money mingled for either of them to walk away. They are marketing geniuses , turning their pain into cash, with just enough info to keep the audience appetite wet. Oh, it’s real, Jay’s a hoe and it didn’t start today.

  3. So I’m not a card carrying member of the beyhive, nor am I antibeyhive . I’m just meh too, but I have to say there are reports that she and Jay bailed out folks who had been arrested in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray incident.
    I can’t confirm it obviously buy the reports were made during that period.
    I shall now fade back to black.

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