Black Hollywood came to stun at Met Gala 2016


The Met Gala is never a time to look for the demure or the classical. The event is supposed to bring out the crazier, edgier side of the American celebrities, so to do that and still manage to take our breaths away? That takes some doing. Here are some of our favourite looks of the night themed the Manus x Machina exhibition:


1. Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein – Wow. Her skin remains flawless, the dress is Lupita at her shimmering best, the hair adds a touch of eccentricity. All in all, the look from the guy behind says it all: Chei!

Lupita Nyong'o Met Gala 2016


2. Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs – here to show you folks that pregnancy doesn’t have to mean boring, Kerry Washington plunged at the neckline and slit it up to the thigh. I am not too sure about the polka dot gloves, but other than that, yummy mummy heaven!

©Just Jared pregnant-kerry-washington-holds-baby-bump-at-met-gala-2016


3. Zoe Saldana in Dolce and Gabbanna – Zoe has caught a lot of flack recently for her role in the Nina Simone biopic but she seems graceful and swan-like in this D&G creation:



4. Beyonce in Givenchy – I really did not like this dress and was scared of the Beyhive until I read the perfect caption on Twitter – “Beyonce turned up wearing Becky with the good hair as a dress.” I died. I just died.

Singer-Songwriter Beyonce Knowles arrives at the Met Gala in New York


5. Jennifer Hudson in H&M – This songbird just looks amazing in this white creation. Her hair, make-up and general poise is just awesome.

jennifer-hudson-Met Gala 2016


6. Ciara in H&M – The wig looks platinum from here but we have it on reliable authority that it is in fact metallic blue. We’re here for the wig but not too sure about the side boob, although…kudos on the perkiness and everything.

ciara Met Gala 2016


7. Nicki Minaj in custom Moschino – This S&M get-up emphasises the singer’s Super Bass, so I guess – mission accomplished.

nicki-minaj-Met Gala 2016


Our Favourite Gentlemen of the Met Gala 2016

1. Idris Elba – forever gorgeous, effortlessly manly, Idris thrills us with a morning suit. This man’s sexiness simply will not quit.

Idris Elba - Met Gala 2016


2. Trevor Noah – somehow when we weren’t looking, Trevor went from being a funny man to being a McDreamy with extra fries. When did he get so yum?? Totally here for it!

Trevor Noah - Met Gala 2016


3. Kanye West – I can’t with this brother. Why has he turned up like a homeless bit of tin foil? Why? And who stole his sweet?

Kanye-West-Kim-Kardashian Met Gala 2016


4. Colin Farrell – this has been my boo, my bit of rough, my favourite piece of Lucky Irish since I saw him in “In Bruges” and nothing’s changed. Yes, he’s not black but…argue with your own blog. He’s delicious.



5. Jared Leto – Another non-Black boo. He’s such a weirdo but he’s MY weirdo and I will cut you if you disagree. I don’t want his babies the way I do with Colin but he’s still super special.

Jared-Leto Met Gala 2016


Worst dressed at the Met Gala:

1.  Madonna in Givenchy – Can someone please come get their mummy?? Madonna shocked us in the 80s with a Black Jesus and the Erotica album, but this just smacks of desperation to us. Yes, we’re all talking about her bum, but all we’re saying is “Put it away, love”

"Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals madonna_Met Gala 2016


2. Lady Gaga in Versace – following her above mentor’s footsteps, Lady Gaga has shocked us on a few red carpets, not least when she turned up like a butcher’s table, but while this costume wasn’t exactly the wooooorst thing we’ve ever seen, it was just…ick. It was neither fantastic nor did it swing us to the usual shock-horror Lady Gaga side of “Bloody hell!” It was just “What is this one wearing?”

Lady Gaga - Met Gala 2016


*All pictures courtesy of these Interwebs.

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