Do #BlackLivesMatter? Racism in America continues to thrive as police butcher and murder our fathers, sons and pillars.

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I wanted to write for the last 24 hours. I could not. I am crippled by grief. Every time the police in America show the hatred that they have for Black people, my heart breaks afresh. The racism in America is so entrenched, so unshakeable, so institutional, that it is depressing to see. And even in the face of evidence, they keep killing us, brutalising us, treating us like animals. And going free. Not even an indictment. I’m not even asking for the licensed criminals to serve time anymore, that’s how desensitised the Black population is to the idea of justice. Merely that someone admits that ONE person, one of these names was killed illegally.

In less than 24 hours, two black men were killed by American police for DOING NOTHING WRONG.

Alton Sterling

alton sterling

A father of five was selling CDs outside a shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when he was apprehended by police. Two police officers proceeded to pin him down so he was helpless while another blasted him repeatedly to death. He was pinned down by officers right next to a stationary vehicle and shot five times.

Somehow, between the assassination and the news spreading, the police department had dug out a prior-unseen gun and spurious news about his past bubbled to the surface. As though that justifies killing him. Police who we have SEEN disarm armed white men EVEN AFTER they’ve murdered people. Oh, sorry, murdered Black people. Totally does not count.

And while they peddle their damaging rhetoric about single Black mothers and the fathers not being home, the partner of this murdered man had to stand next to her 15-year-old son and talk about how her husband was killed while trying to feed their family:

Sterling’s killers are on paid holiday. Probably sipping Long Islands this very moment, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen.

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Philando Castile

Philando Castile

While we all joined hands in sorrow and impotent anger to help Alton Sterling’s loved ones virtually scrape his blood off that tarmac, who could believe that the trigger happy policemen, filled with so much hatred for our fathers and our brothers, were only just getting started?

During a routine traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, a policeman ASKED Philando Castile to bring out his particulars. And then shot him while he was reaching for his wallet. ‘Luckily’ (?), his partner, Lavish Reynolds was in the car and streamed the entire ordeal onto Facebook. Right up until the man tasked with serving and protecting killed her partner in front of her child who happened to be in the back seat. The live streaming video is linked here, but there is graphic imagery should you wish to watch it.

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Two things: what is left of my bruised and battered heart is shattered at the sound of a child witnessing this and saying to her mother “It’s okay, mommy“. This shouldn’t happen. This isn’t the way. Nobody should live this.

Secondly, I do not think I have seen a stronger woman that Lavish (Diamond) Reynolds in my entire life. Throughout what must have seemed like her life closing around her, she was articulate and factual. She repeated the details time and again of what was happening. She was calm, level headed and in control.


All this, while the murderer was screaming obscenities and acting like an out-of-control, drug-fuelled lunatic.

Her behaviour in the middle of the madness is perhaps the most damning evidence yet. That actually, what usually happens in these murder cases of police against black civilians isn’t rebellious behaviour, the lies the police choose to peddle over and again at their hearing.

Typically, it is just an officer with a gun who takes the easy way out and kills a non-threatening Black man.

Needless to say, her phone has been confiscated, and I’m sure the FHPD are this minute working feverishly to find whatever dirt they can on Castile. As is their way.

She speaks after the heartbreaking ordeal:


For once, I have no words other than to tell the news the exact same way I have heard it. And to lay the facts before you. And then to go and sleep knowing full well that Black lives SHOULD matter. But they don’t. Not to the Americans.

I will not pray. I have no words for their god. He don’t care about me and mine.

I’m just grief stricken at the impotence of it all. We keep dying like animals.

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Oh, we thought it was funny then, huh?





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  1. I’m awake because I can’t sleep. I’m sad. Sad that this is the world we live in. Sad that I had to explain to my son that his colour restricts him. Sad that these officers will get away with these murders why? Because to prosecute them will mean they accept it’s racism. It means every other shut case will have a right to be retried. It will cost them money, time and of course a whole lot more… sad that they choose colour over justice. Sad that we think just because we are no longer slaves that means we are free… we fought for freedom, we didn’t know we would have to fight for our lives.

  2. They own the law that’s why they go free after the act……look Hw south Africa live in piece with themselves..regardless of the past.most of the with there are from the past.

  3. It was during Michael Browns killing I knew hope was lost on this matter. Yes, black people will cry and rage , white people will act indifferent and be defensive and in a few month, the polic officer will not be indicted by the grand jury… Black people will show outrage again and then everybody moves on and wait for the next shooting….. It is the black cycle as I call it…. It is not going to change…… It doesn’t matter if it caught on camera, the system will inderwctly justify the killing….. Smh Rachel Adepeju Onamusi people like myself who live for a very long time in the system understand how you feel but the helplessness is what I cannot bear…the feeling of whatever you do does not matter or count.

  4. It’s a sad situation and it will have repercussions; what happened in Dallas is a prime example. Some people are against what happened to the police officers, as they went about their normal business but they fail to realise that their colleagues’ actions have triggered the aggression of the blacks. The way I see it, no white policeman is safe in America anymore. Innocent or no, the battle line’s been drawn.

  5. White Americans shouting “bluelivesmatter” all over the place

    “White America doesn’t love the police, they love what the police can do. They love the power police have to murder Black bodies without consequence. They love using the police as their personal attack dogs whenever they feel threatened by Black and Brown civilians.”

  6. A police officer who’s so scared of black people that the only way he can deal with them is by drawing their weapons and shooting is a COWARD not fit to wear that uniform and has no business being in that job.

    What is so scary about black skin??

    • Not just – what is so scary about Black skin. What is so scary about Black skin that you have already emasculated? I would understand the threat if the Blacks were a force to be reckoned with. If they were North Korea. If they had started a militia and needed to be weeded back, I’d understand.

      They’re already subdued. They’re cowering with fear. You blasted Diamond Reynolds’ partner in front of her and a 4-year-old and still she is calling you “SIR” – lest her child become an orphan.

      What more do you want? You’ve won. What is this FEAR??

    • Exactly. It’s that fear that these people might get up one day and do to us everything we’ve done to them.

      It’s like they say that equality feels like an oppression when you’ve been the oppressor for so long.

    • Oh, I fully understand. And that’s my point. Even at this point, she cannot touch him as his life seeps out of him. Even now when all is lost, he is shouting “Put your hands where I can see them!” like a deranged lunatic. You’ve taken EVERYTHING!!!! She is cowed. 🙁

    • It’s sickening. He just died there like an animal and she wasn’t even allowed to comfort him.
      The cowardly monster was even still scared of the woman and would have shot her if she’d done anything.

    • If she had done anything?? He would have shot her if not for the fact that the camera was rolling. He heard her explaining word for word what was going on into the live streaming. It would have tidied the entire mess away…

  7. When police kill black in America every body will be talking about it but Nigeria police n soldiers has being killing innocent biafrans n all this so called black Americans has never condemned it even some so called Nigerians that is commenting here, but like i always tell people one day peter shall see what Paul saw

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