Boss Of All Bosses: Patience Ozokwor, Akpororo, Nedu, Others Star In New Comedy


The cinema release for new Nigerian movie, Boss Of All Bosses, has been slated for June 15th, with the phenomenal movie starring Akpororo, Nedu (Wazobia FM), Mama G (Patience Ozokwo), Okon Lagos (Bishop Ime Umoh) and Senator (Bethel Njoku) set to excite Nigerians to no end. Others in the impressive lineup of the production that has been making the rounds as ‘a must watch’ on various fronts include Emeka Kachikwu, Adunni Ade, Sani Danja, Eniola Badmus and Babatunde Charles.

The effort was directed by Ike Nnaebue with Emeka Kachikwu as Producer and Executive Producer and Tobe Osuno as Associate Producer. The plot follows the story of Tony, a classy, ego-tripping, self-centred and arrogant M.D at Hemcorps Oil & Gas.

Appointed to act in the light of an absentee CEO whose identity remains hidden, he abuses his powers and becomes the perfect ladies’ man. His loyal PA, at his beck and call, acts as his informant unveiling sizzling news items unfolding in the company as Tony is living life to the fullest with the nickname, Boss of all bosses until Samuel is brought on-board as a rival M.D at the CEO’s request. With special tasks assigned to both as they compete for the exalted position, they deploy every trick in the scheming book to win or be fired.

The employees are caught in the middle as camps are formed and alliances are made amidst the backdrop of comical scheming, romantic escapades and betrayal. As Tony is fighting hard to win the affection of the slay Queen he’s dying for while focusing on the tasks, a bad move he makes threatens his ambition and sets him on course of a turn he never bargained for. Speaking about the movie, Emeka Kachikwu stated: “Boss of All Bosses stands out from the plethora of comical movies that have graced the silver screen.

The deployment of the corporate environment inter-wound with romantic scuffles, conspiracy theories, scheming, backstabbing in a bid to obtain or secure power is rife. I’m delighted that we have a good production with high end technical values synonymous with international standard.”

“The story, though told in a comical way, is invariably a true reflection of what obtains in the corporate environment. It’s a reminder of the corporate gymnastics, power tussle and the reward handed over to deserving employees for their hard work.

It is a good movie and we urge folks to come out in mass to watch same,” Associate producer, Tobe Osuno, says of the movie powered by Mind Bursters Film Ventures and distributed by Silverbird Film Distributions.

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