Breaking: Petroleum Minister, Ibe Kachikwu, resigns, cites frustration

Ibe Kachikwu

Ibe Kachikwu

The Minister of State for Petroleum and NNPC chief, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, has resigned from his post following unsuccessful attempts to proffer a tenable solution to the ongoing grueling experience(s) to get fuel in the country. In an official statement made available to a pool of media houses this morning around 9:30 am, Nigerian time, Dr. Kachikwu cited “respect for professional jurisdiction” and “systemic frustration” as one the reasons that informed his undoubtedly sad decision to leave his post amidst a fuel crunch.

Part of the statement says, “It’s been a great privileged to serve our country in this role of Petroleum Minister for the past few months, but, I sadly have to inform you about my decision to resign from this post, considering the fact that the unpalatable situation of the fuel crisis hasn’t abated despite my honest and best efforts to allay it.

He added, ” I am a professional who has spent over 30 active and productive years in the private sector where there is a structure of work that is easily adaptable to the theory of cause and effect. Sadly, and very strange to me, this isn’t the way it is here in the government setup, where despite my role as the Petroleum Minister, I seldom have control over all the variables and metrics that determine the direction of fuel availability and pricing”

“This above, is an uncouth and unnecessary complexity that my managerial experience and technocratic expertise is quite alien to, despite my herculean efforts to adapt to it. I’ve come to admit the existence of systemic frustration in the workings of this sector. Therefore, in respect to the specificity of professional boundaries and jurisdiction, I, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, have decided, albeit painstakingly, to resign from this post, while hoping that someone who understands the actually unfitting complexities of Nigeria petroleum sector, steps in to proffer other solutions that I haven’t been able to install in the past few months”, thus, a major part of the statement read.

The entire nation and her miraculously enduring citizens have been subjected to hellish experiences in the past two months, just to get fuel for the businesses, homes and cars. In fact, to term the situation “hellish” seems to be an understatement, if the reportage from thr polity is put in consideration.

The climateChange-grade weather and the drop in the generation and distribution of electricity throughout the country, have both made the situation worse, as the presence of these two dire facts have more than ever before, made the need for a fuel practically and extremely dire.

Small business are on a death row as owners of such, queue for hours to get fuel that ironically remains unavailable. The groan and burden from industries too remains palpable in the polity, moving from point A to point B hasnt been so herculean as it presently is, and with more similar examples, one can say Kachikwu’s resignation seems like a welcome development, more like a placebo, to douse the accelerating tension and toughness in the polity.

Earlier in the week, Kachikwu, in a recant of his7 “magical” (sic) statement, promised that the fuel scarcity will be over in 2 weeks, but, some bluntly honest Nigerians with expensive emotions believed it was more like a statement of “fake hope” made under official duress, and true to them, this morning’s resignation of the swagger Minister, rightly attests to their permutation and unbelief.

In as much as this resignation doesn’t ensure an immediate solution to the lingering scarcity, Nigerians will definitely hope it tilts the country leadership towards a direction where immediate action, a novel approach maybe, will be put into ignition to quickly douse the dire situation, if not eradicate it permanently.

Kachikwu has resigned, but, Nigerians are gonna be wondering and highly expectant about how that will affect the price of “garri” (as they say) and most importantly, how Kachikwu’s resignation will be directly proportional to availability of fuel and the reduction of pump price.


Well, I really wished this story were true oh…chai. ..why is April fool like this…why???

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  1. He was advised to resign. He wanted it same way. He was an agent to sabotage change. He wasn’t ready for the truth. Would it be proper for a Minister just to be sacked like that. You should remember Buhari made some statement last week that some Ministers will be fired very soon if otherwise. He talks anyhow and this is not good for his calibre. He can bring in crisis to a nation. See what he is saying again-he resigned. Ibo man can never resign such position not in this century or our time.

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