Buhari is 73 today but do Nigerians have cause to celebrate?

Buhari Birthday 73 years

Our president, Muhammadu Buhari, is 73 years old today, no mean feat for a man who has undergone so many adventures in one lifetime.

Buhari Birthday 73 years
©Sahara Reporters|The president’s aides in a surprise birthday party for Buhari

The majority of Nigerians were pleased at his election and swearing in earlier this year; cries of “Sai Baba!” rang through the air, the citizens who were sick of Jonathan who they branded ‘clueless’ and unaware of the shenanigans in his own government were so happy to see a new face, a stern face, a face that promised fair, transparent rule.

Buhari Birthday 73 years

Six months after the swearing in, it’s clear he’s no John Magufuli, the Tanzanian president who has turned the country upside down in 2 months. Buhari has even been dubbed Baba Go Slow, but then again, I dare say Magufuli doesn’t have to deal with voracious yam eaters and arrant THIEVES.

Yes, we have had  fuel scarcity since the elections, Boko Haram continue to run amok, and if care is not taken, we may yet have another scourge on our hands by the name of Shi’ite Muslims seeking vengeance for the death of their brothers, the naira continues to weaken, black gold (crude oil) ain’t selling at the price it once was, and energy and power continue to be problems for the average Nigerian.

However, Sai Baba has done wonders in blocking the giant holes that our billions were seeping out of; has moved mountains in informing our thieving, grasping politicians that none of them are above the law; and in reallocating ministries to men and women he sees fit for the job.

Buhari Birthday 73 years

He’s not there yet, not by a long mile. But four years is a very short time, Papa, and 73 years of age means you hear the clock ticking louder than most. Be remembered for something, Sai Baba. Make it count.

Happy birthday, sir.

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