How can two walk together except they agree?



If you want to settle down in the next 5 years and she wants to settle down in the next six months

Please don’t waste anyone’s time, find the one who isn’t thinking marriage like you and stay with them.

Don’t blackmail anybody with “Women think of marriage once they hear relationship” or “All relationships must not lead to marriage”

But they can ALL lead to the bedroom abi? Where else should the relationship of two grown ups who have plans to settle down lead to?

That you date with the futuristic purpose of marriage doesn’t mean it must end in marriage. You may find you are incompatible and call it off, or you’ll find out that you will like to take it further and begin the courting phase.

However dear women (and men), don’t allow anyone waste your time with nonsense rhetoric, you are entitled to settle down when you want.

And the divorcees, separated, thinking of divorce, confused, Etc. that try to play down marriage because they’ve been there before and it didn’t work, but want a long term committed relationship with someone who’s never been married and will like to settle down soon, you’re damn selfish. Kindly carry your cross in peace and look for like minds, don’t be a stumbling block to someone’s destiny.

I find the concept of waiting for the other party to decide where a relationship is headed as disempowering; it’s two people that are inside not one. Some people will be going to Church up and down hoping for a proposal or hoping the other party finds you worthy enough for a lifetime, sigh.

Na two of us dey the thing, if I want marriage and it’s not on the table from the get go, pls keep walking. Even God says how can two walk together unless they agree. Are you wiser than God?

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