You cannot fool all of the people all of the time…


Whitewashing domestic ills, ignoring them, lying to the citizens about the challenges and problems they face, are not marks of principled leadership and politics in Nigeria is no different.

It is not a positive sign of development when government and the public sector are shrouded in secrecy.

A bigger danger, in my opinion, is downplaying domestic problems while making a mess of foreign policy at the same time.

A national security chief connived with his political cronies to de-fund the military at a time of great national peril, only to ingratiate himself with a foreign audience by announcing at Chatham House in the UK that Nigerian soldiers are cowards.

Oh! What sacred truth he uttered.
Our well equipped soldiers ran away from rag tag insurgents.
They even mutinied against their commanders! The bloody weaklings.
And these truths were told to British people. To what end, if I may ask?

Today, the role of speaking uncomfortable “truths” to foreign audiences has fallen to the number one citizen. I do not even care one bit about the so-called image problem. But I must say that Nigerians, wherever they may live, deserve the support and protection of their government.

Let it not become a tradition, that whenever Nigerians in foreign countries are unjustly disparaged, assaulted, abused, arrested and victimised, the number one citizen would join self serving consular diplomats and millions of self incriminating citizens to call on victims to endure humiliation or run back home with their tails tucked between their legs.

Statecraft is a delicate art. International diplomacy is not the arena for politicians to display their naivety of the condition of the global citizen in a competitive world.

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