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Friday, April 26, 2019

6 Pictures Showing Older People Having The Time of Their Lives!

I love it when older folk show the young ones how to have fun and these pictures do exactly that! And without iPads and fancy gadgets either - just plain, simple unadulterated fun. Remember...
Felix Rust Photography Rebecca Negron Ceci Negron Must link: http://www.felixrust.com/

Little pre-schooler ain’t here for the nonsense!

Sometimes, you're just having one of those days and you're not in the mood for any smeh-smeh or iranu. Perhaps the day started with heavy traffic, or maybe it could just be that you...
BRT driver stabbed in oshodi

19-year old stabs BRT driver, steals N13, 500

Thankfully, the fool is being tried for this crime borne out of laziness. A 19-year-old unemployed man, Mathew Obong, who allegedly attacked and stabbed a Bus Rapid Transport driver with a knife at Oshodi was...

A breakfast tradition

This is a long breakfast tradition that has been practised in my house for years. 1. Wake up in the morning (before anyone else) and go straight to the kitchen. 2. Find the sufuria that cooked...
Ukrainian Prime Minister getting bundled out of Parliament Crotch Balls

Ukrainian PM gets crotch-handled in parliament. Now that’s how you fight for your country!

Now, let me say that violence - however hilarious - is never the answer. But then I think that the only time I have ever seen our politicians actually lose their minds is when they...